Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Grand Finale

I think Keri's room is coming along nicely. I posted some pics on my Facebook, but I wanted to put some here also. You know, cuz all of you peeps aren't Facebook friends....yet.

Remember this hideous, pitiful excuse for a light?
                                                           Voila! New light fixture.

I almost wanted this table and lamp for myself. Too cute.

Only one of the pillows is new. I recycled some pillows that Keri already had. They just happen to match all the new stuff. 

What is a new room without pictures of your loving family?

This thing looked much better on the picture than it does unfolded. Maybe I should fill up with dirty clothes to fill it out. Nothing like a bin full of dirty laundry for a new room.

Keri's new dresser which I partially put together myself. Then I enjoyed a glass of wine and supervised my dad finishing the dresser. I made sure to instruct him on the proper way to tighten screws, since I'm such an expert now.

I include this final picture to demonstrate my extreme displeasure over the billions of push pins I found when cleaning all of her stuff out of the master bedroom. Push pins have therefore been permanently banned from this house. They pose a danger to my feet, fingers, and the well being of my vacuum cleaner. I hereby declare and decree that all push pins found in my home will immediately receive the death penalty.