Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just For Fun

About a year ago I had to take my oldest daughter's cell phone in for some type of repair. I don't even remember what the problem was. As I am a single mom lacking a good babysitter, I loaded both the girls in the car and took them with me. I went into the store and proceeded to have a heated discussion with one of the employees of the cell phone company. I did not get the problem resolved so I left in a huff. As we were getting into the car to leave, I mumbled under my breath, "That guy can just kiss my butt". My youngest daughter looked at me with a very doubtful expression on her face and said, "Um...mommy I don't think he wants to do that". Be very careful what you say around younger children, they have a habit of taking things very literally!

Body Image

I recently had a discussion with a family member about body image. We discussed things about our bodies that we don't like, and some things that make us feel insecure. There are many things about our bodies that we can find fault with. Birth marks, stretch marks, moles, scars, breast size etc. I spent some time thinking about this and I have come to a couple of conclusions. The first one is, there are few people that need to see us naked in this world. Your husband, mother and your doctor when necessary. With that being said I have to wonder why as women we spend so much obsessing over these things. Number one: Your husband loves your body(and even if he doesn't it's too late now). Your doctor doesn't give a crap about your stretch marks. Your mother hasn't seen you naked in years so that's not a problem either. We are the ones that stand in front of a mirror criticizing every flaw and blemish. Why do we do this? Like we don't enough to worry about with trying to work, raise kids, and deal with global warming. A few months ago my youngest daughter (who is eight) informed me that I am the prettiest mommy ever. I always look pretty. Except for when I am mad and when I am naked. But nobody looks good when they are naked. That really makes things a whole lot simpler. So I have decided to adopt her philosophy.
Rule number two: Apparently being angry makes me ugly so this is to be avoided at all costs.
So from now on I refuse to feel bad about my imperfect body because nobody else looks good naked either. Hope this brightens your day as it did mine.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Learner permits

So I took my daughter to the DMV this week to get her learners' permit. I knew this day would come, but I was REALLY not prepared for it. I was nervous and distraught. It was like I was the one getting a permit. Back in my day no in my family got a permit. Most of us just waited until we were 18. So I am sitting in one of those hard chairs and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My little girl is growing up. She is almost an adult now. I was overcome with emotion. I almost started bawling right there in the DMV. So I have a couple of changes that I think the Department of Motor Vehicles needs to utilize.
1. They should keep a box of hankies handy for over emotional mothers.
2. They should hand out free valium to all the parents of these kids that we are putting behind the wheel of a car.
My last personal observation to all thought giving birth was scary, HA! Wait till you get in the car with a fifteen year old with no driving experience. It's enough to put hair on your chest. So all you mothers with cute little precious kids that still think blocks are fun, I say to you...enjoy it while you can, your day is coming!