Friday, July 27, 2007

Learner permits

So I took my daughter to the DMV this week to get her learners' permit. I knew this day would come, but I was REALLY not prepared for it. I was nervous and distraught. It was like I was the one getting a permit. Back in my day no in my family got a permit. Most of us just waited until we were 18. So I am sitting in one of those hard chairs and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My little girl is growing up. She is almost an adult now. I was overcome with emotion. I almost started bawling right there in the DMV. So I have a couple of changes that I think the Department of Motor Vehicles needs to utilize.
1. They should keep a box of hankies handy for over emotional mothers.
2. They should hand out free valium to all the parents of these kids that we are putting behind the wheel of a car.
My last personal observation to all thought giving birth was scary, HA! Wait till you get in the car with a fifteen year old with no driving experience. It's enough to put hair on your chest. So all you mothers with cute little precious kids that still think blocks are fun, I say to you...enjoy it while you can, your day is coming!


jackson07 said...

Hey there, Very true about little girls growing up so fast. Gald you made it thru the Talk later. Tell the girls I said Hi!!!!!

Kim said...

Hey It must be really bad if you were about to cry. I am so proud of her. You to mommy you have done a great job with both of your kids.