Monday, June 22, 2009

Oops I Did It Again...And Again....And Again

This has definitely been a week of mishaps. Yesterday especially, but go back a few days ago when my sister and Taylor came over to work on the new room for Keri. When it was time for a diaper change, sis realized that she didn't have any diapers in the diaper bag. We all stood around staring stupidly at each other trying to figure out what to do. Since it was a poopy diaper, she cleaned him up. Taylor promptly stood up, walked a few feet, squatted and then did his business.....on my living room floor.

I talk about my brilliant mind all the time. Once again, my super smart self didn't let me down. I know, let's go to the store and buy some freakin' diapers. While I was gone, Taylor proceeded to "mark" his territory and I don't mean with urine. By the time Melissa and I got back with the diapers, my sister had moved him to the bathtub to prevent any further "marking".

This is the kind of thing that happens to all of us that we are ashamed of. I know I have mentioned instances where I forgot to send money for a field trip, or the time I forgot it was my day to send snacks for Keri's class. I heard an interesting segment on the radio a few days ago. The discussion was about what it takes to be a mom. The speaker was telling a story about being in a Starb*cks getting coffee. She saw a dad standing in line with one of those baby snuggly things. Of course there was a baby in the snuggly thing. A strange reached over and tapped him on the shoulder and told him what a good dad he was. Are you kidding me? All it takes to be a good dad is to hold your child while you stand in line waiting for a caffeine fix? Who knew.

I am NOT knocking on dads here OK. I am so lucky to have two wonderful dads in my life. I am a daughter to both of these men. I love them and they love me. Both are seemingly comfortable with my relationship with the other.

Dad-gummit I didn't mean to get sidetracked about that. Sorry. So last night I was trying to hang the curtain rod for Keri's room. It did not go well. I couldn't get the hole started with the screw. I dropped the screws too many times to count. I was a little irate. I mean, I single handedly put together that TV stand. Remember? The one that took me 8 friggin hours to put together. After that, I should be capable of assembling most anything.

Finally I got the curtain rod up. I mumbled under my breath as I worked. The curtain was the final nail in the coffin for yesterday. Hours before that, I was helping my sister activate a replacement cell phone. Somehow, I managed to cut the service off of my phone, and transfer it to her phone. I have NO IDEA how I managed to do that. I couldn't do it again if I tried.

I was very humiliated as I spoke to the customer service rep and told him what had happened. I made sure to point out that I had successfully activated MANY phones without needing assistance or having to go the actual store. Thankfully he was a very nice rep. I also made sure to point out how confusing it can be when you have FOUR cell phones under your account. He chuckled and agreed. Then he told me about how his daughter had done the same thing. Somehow, I wasn't very comforted.

I also managed to knock little Taylor on his butt. My sis invited me over for dinner. I had stepped outside to tell her man that dinner was ready. I went barging in the back door, completely unaware that little Taylor was right behind the door. Oh the shame. The guilt.

I know that none of these things are really a big deal. Put them all together and I am a bumbling idiot. I don't know how I manage to dress and feed myself some days. Any of you have days like that?


Astarte said...

I definitely have those days!!! I have to start screw holes with the drill now, so I have a startin place, or I drop the damn little screws all over the place and end up sounding like the Christmas Light Guy in 12 Pains of Christmas!

Farrell said...

Days like that? Who , me? Are you kidding? Never!

Roxanne said...

I, personally, have either done or had all of those things done to me except for the cell phone thing as I've only had two cell phones in my lifetime. . .

My son was a "marker." Thankfully he is now 8 and we moved onto not wanting to bathe. AND if I had a dime for everytime I'd knocked one of my kids down, I'd retire.