Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Dawn Of A New Era

It's been a while so let's get right into it. Keri was so happy and surprised when she saw her new room. She actually had tears in her eyes when she hugged me and thanked me. We have been really busy getting into the new school year. There have been some changes with Keri going to middle school this year, and Melissa skipping a grade. Yes, I said she skipped a grade.

She enrolled herself in summer school and paid for it with her own money. This gave her enough credits to be a senior this year. I confess that I feel unprepared. There will senior pictures, prom, yearbook, senior trip and all that jazz. How we are going to pull this off I haven't figured out yet.

Keri made a few requests as she embarked on her middle school journey, which I will now list.

1. She would like permission to wear eyeliner.

2. She would like to be allowed to have boyfriends.

3. She would like her bedtime extended to 9:30.

I responded with the following proclamations:

1. She may not wear eyeliner, she only 11 years old.

2. She may not have a boyfriend, she is only 11 years old.

3. Her bedtime will not be extended to 9:30 because she has to get up 30 minutes earlier this year to catch the bus. That and I don't want my one hour of me time intruded upon.

On to other things. So have any of you heard of Fung Shei? Well I don't necessarily believe in it but I would like to make an observation. I listen to a radio show on my Ipod out of Charlotte, NC. Once a month they have a guest by the name of Ellen Whitehurt who provides a monthly Fung Shei report. One month, she was giving advise about how to bring men/women into your life. She said that if you are a woman and your bedroom is really girlie, it will repel men. I thought it was a lot hogwash.....until I moved Keri and all her girlie stuff out of my bedroom.

Ladies (and gentlemen if there are any left) the men have been coming out of the freakin' woodworks. Do you hear me? Now, I am not conceited, but I am here to tell you that I have been hit on more in the last couple of months than I have in..well a really long time. I don't know if it really has anything to do with the room change, but who am I to say? There have been men who are inappropriately old, there have been men who are inappropriately young. I swear I even got hit on by a father and son. It's really strange. I am going to post a more detailed account of some this stuff on my secret blog. This is all I really feel comfortable talking about here. I will say that I have made some new friends and I am enjoying my life more because of it. I find myself laughing......a lot.

Finally, one of the reasons for my prolonged absence boils down to this. Work has gotten really crazy. I pluck a computer all day at work, and frankly I have no use for sitting in front of a computer screen when I am home. I mean I don't get on the computer for ANYTHING. I am so lazy I even update my Facebook status from my phone. I have been reading other blogs, but I haven't been posting comments. It has been really great to hook up with some of you guys on Facebook. If anyone is not a Facebook friend, send an email to and I will tell you how to find me. Good night all my little butt munches!


Laura said...

lol at Kerri! Shame man ;-P Life is hard at 11!

Just a thought - you have been sounding happier the last while compared to when I first started reading you - so maybe that positiveness is shining thro and attracting the men :)

Farrell said...

Mmm...interesting about the bedroom stuff.
Sending you strength to get through the middle school years!

HW said...

Eyeliner? When my daughter started wearing eyeliner she kind of went with the "more is better" and I nearly bit through my toungue to keep from saying something. But all the girls looked the same, so...Did Melissa do that?

Okay, I'm getting ready to get rid of all the floral stuff in our bedroom (what was I thinking) and go with a more sleek, modern look. Does this mean men are going to start hitting on me too or does it just work with single gals? And speaking of men hitting on you...YOU GO GIRL!!

Can't wait to read the secret blog.

Melissa said...

HW: I started wearing eyeliner in the 7th grade but I have never worn it heavily.