Friday, June 11, 2010

Trying To Catch Up

As I mentioned in my last post, the girls and I are living with Boo. His house has three bedrooms downstairs and and unfinished upstairs. Until now that is. The bedrooms downstairs are sort of small so Boo is finishing the upstairs for the girls. There will be a living room, bedroom, and living room when the work is finished. We hope to be mostly finished by the end of next week. The drywall is up, the walls are painted and the tile has been laid in the bathroom. I really can't believe he is doing all that for my girls. I spent ten years as a single parent. I was sort of resigned to being single for the rest of my life. I was even pretty happy about it. I really had no idea what was in store for me when I met Boo.

When I first started crushing on him, I just thought he was really smart and had pretty eyes. Little did I know there was a lot more to him than that. He is truly one of the kindest men I have ever had the good fortune to know. He is very good to my girls and to me. He does laundry, dishes and will even clean the toilet. He is not rude or disrespectful or demeaning. I won't carry on and on though it's tempting.

Keri was not at all impressed when we first started dating. She was not very happy for me to have ANY man in my life. She slowly came around once she realized how kind he is. Yesterday I was driving her to stay the night with a friend. She told me that she refers to him as her dad. I was shocked, touched, and in awe. Keri's father disappeared from her life a couple of years ago. I don't want to get into that here. I am very happy that she didn't lose all trust in men. It would have been easy and understandable for her to feel that way.

I really feel like the four of us are a family. It just goes to show you that you never know what the future holds. Did I mention that I was single for TEN FREAKIN' years?


Farrell said...

I am happy for you!
I guess I have four years to go LOL...:)

HW said...

Sounds like things are just plain good for you right now. I'm really glad. You deserve it.

Astarte said...

I can't believe how wonderful this is! I'm so happy for you. It's about time you had some great luck, girl!

Also, I can't believe that freakin' principal. WTH? Heck, at this point, she might as well try to run the teacher over with the car, if she's going to be accused of it anyway!