Friday, October 17, 2008

Details, Details

It is time for me to seek absolution. From you, my fellow bloggers. I disappeared for a month. I confess my sin and repent. I sort of feel like I had some good reasons. There was NOTHING even remotely interesting going on in my life. I was sick of spending all day on the computer and then going home and sitting in front of the computer. I was really starting to feel like a whiner. Everything was always bad, it seemed like I all did was use this blog as my personal whining space, a place to vent about all my doom and gloom. Well….nothing has changed. This is still my place to whine and complain although, a nice long break has refreshed me and given me some new material to work with.

Last week I was checking my bank account online. I usually log in once a day just to check things out. I immediately noticed purchases I had not made. I knew my bankcard was in my wallet because I hadn’t used it in days. You know, cuz I don’t have any money. I knew I hadn’t made any recent purchases, once again cuz I don’t have any money. Treachery was afoot. Lies and deceit abounded. I felt financially violated. I got on the phone to my bank right away. They cancelled my card and refunded the money back to my account. Granted it wasn’t a great deal of money, but it was still MY $43.61. I guess someone hacked into my computer and got my bankcard number. Obviously it was someone who does not know me. Anyone that knows me, KNOWS that I don’t have any money. Anyone that knows me also knows that even if I did have money, I wouldn’t keep it in my checking account. My checking account is for bills only. I almost feel sorry for the poor sap that decided to rip off my bankcard number. Almost. There is a small part of me that would like to find this person and rip their heart out, fry it in a pan and shove it down their throat.

Last night seemed to just really suck. After dinner I was watching TV and I thought I saw moment out of the corner of my eye. I was immediately tense. I was tense because I knew whatever this movement was, it wasn’t anything good. After all, nothing good ever sneaks around in your peripheral vision. Only vile, sneaky, furry things sneak around like that. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later I saw it darting along my wall and run behind my entertainment center. A mouse. A furry, disgusting, sneaky, vile, rodent. IN.MY.HOUSE!!!!!! I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t freak out or yell. Why? Because that would cause mass hysteria in my house. Well, as much mass hysteria that can be created by three people. My heart was pounding, my breathing was labored, I was close to panic. I decided not to upset the girls by telling them about the mouse because at least one of them would react with something like, “Mom, I can’t sleep with a mouse in the house. What if it crawls on me while I sleep?”. See what I mean. Panic would have overtaken the entire household.

I have a question. We have three cats. Two of them stay outside most of the time. But still…You mean between the THREE cats, not one of them can muster up the energy to catch this mouse? Only I would have cats that wont catch the mice. That is so wrong.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. I answered it. It was my credit card company informing me that I have not made a payment on one of my credit cards since July. Great. Just friggin great. I just forgot. I have no excuse. I made payment arrangements and ended that call as quickly as possible.

I have once again proven my worth for the title of “Misfit Mom”. Keri warned me a couple of weeks ago that she had a project to do for school. I of course, forgot all about it. She forgot all about it. Until last night. It was due today. We had to run out and by the stuff for her to make her project at 8pm last night. This was in addition to the bill collector that called, and Micky Mouse (Spelled incorrectly on purpose). Since we had to run out anyway, I decided that I would mosey on over to the bug spray aisle and pick up a couple of mouse traps very nonchalantly. Keri says, “Why are you looking at mouse traps? We don’t have mice.” It was like her mind could not grasp the concept that I might be looking at mouse traps because we actually have a MOUSE. I very calmly informed that yes we did have a mouse, and that I had seen it with my very own eyes. She did not have a “come apart” as I had expected her to. I guess it doesn’t seem real to her since she didn’t see it with her very own eyes.

Keri stayed up until about ten working on her project. Then she went to bed and crashed really hard. Without a bath. And she really needed one. Who let their kid go to school dirty today? Me that’s who. Who had to run out at the last minute and buy materials to make an animal cell? Me, that’s who. I really think I have this Misfit Mom thing all wrapped up.

So…… summary in ONE night I had to deal with a mouse, an unpaid bill, and the school project. I personally think that’s too much for any woman to deal with in one evening. I mean, the mouse did me in. That was enough for me.

You know how everyone always says that money can’t buy happiness. I disagree. To a point that is. Now that I know I have this part time job and that I will soon have extra money coming in, I feel MUCH better. My stress level is not nearly as high. Yes, it sucks that I will have to be away from home more. However, I am sure I am not the only single mom out there who has to work two jobs. It may end up being just through the holidays anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

So thanks for tuning in to more whining and complaining. I hope I was able to change it up and keep it interesting by whining about something besides my messy house/children or my financial situation.


Farrell said...

Mice: Ewww!
Someone stole my cc# too. It sucked.
I hope your weekend makes up for a sucky week!

Merrie said...

Lazy cats! Mine get a mouse every now and then, and are very proud of themselves about it. I'm just grateful they get them. Sorry you get to deal with traps - yuck. (I have one under my desk at work right now thanks to once mouse they got a few weeks ago. I've got the sticky trap 'just in case.')
That's a pretty crummy night. Here's hoping tonight is better!! (It would really have to sink low to be worse, right?) And you're not a misfit mom -- you're doing this on your own, and that takes chops! I'm impressed, no matter what.

Astarte said...

Isn't it surreal actually seeing a mouse in the house? I mean, obviously I know that mice exist and all, but only at the pet store, where they are in pretty cages, or in the fields, being wild and free and making magic on the lee of the stone and such (yes, I know that was rats). When I saw one at our old house, I almost fell off the toilet.

Someone took your number!!! URGH! What a pain in the ass!

I am NOT looking forward to school projects. Not at ALL.

Susiewearsthepants said...

astarte-You are right, it was very surreal. I mean, I've seen the mouse on Tom and Jerry and it's just not the same when you see one slinking against your wall trying to sneak around your house do God knows what. Poor Keri, she took the cat to bed with her last night for protection

HW said...

We have two cats and a dog and none of them seem able to catch a critter. We always end up with "special needs" pets.
The last minute project sounds OH SO FAMILIAR. When my son was in first grade he said "I get to be Santa in the Christmas parade at school. Will you make my costume? It's tomorrow."
And it just kept getting better.

I've faced a severe case of writer's block lately - nothing of any interest going on in my life I guess.

harassedmomsramblings said...

Hey you!! GOOD to have you back ;)

EEWW about the mouse - hopefully the traps get them!!

LOL at being a Misfit Mom - I think I will give you a run for your money in that department!!

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah, you're back : ) hate the ID theft thing, but holy cow THAT could have been worse. and mice? uh, i'm w/ you on why the cats haven't caught them. hello, that's their job! of course, my two cats probably wouldn't catch them either so what am i talking about?