Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Think I Am Anti- Mouse

Well, capture of the mouse remains elusive. I have spotted the little vermin THREE times today. Yes count them, 1-2-3 times. Does this mouse not realize that he is supposed to stay hidden and not dart out from behind furniture and race across my living room floor to the next safe place? This could only happen to me. I bought two traps and have yet to catch the little booger. Even though he seems to be everywhere. Poor Keri made one of the cats sleep with her. She spotted the mouse in the bathroom and that was it for her.

I have to say that I was against the murder of mice. Last year we spotted one at work. You can read all about it here. We set a trap and caught the mouse. I felt sorry for it. I didn't think we should KILL the mouse. Couldn't we just trap it and release it into the wild or out in the parking lot at work? That was before a mouse came to live in my house!! Death to the mouse I say! That freakin' critter has got to go. I considered trying to catch it and let it go. Unfortunately, I am firmly convinced that if I simply catch it and release it outside, it will just get back in the house again. That is completely unacceptable. 

I bought one of those "No Touch No See "  mouse traps. Apparently our little critter is too smart to fall for that. He seems to run everywhere but into the traps. No time to carry on and on, I must go and try to figure out how to outsmart the furry little demon.


Karen Deborah said...

Pick up your cat food bowls.
You can poison them with D Con but then you run the risk of smelling dead stuff,...yuk. It's actually just blood thinner which isn't a bad way to kill something.

Susiewearsthepants said...

I thought about the poison, but I was really afraid the mouse would die in the walls and that would really be gross. I am hoping one of the traps or one of my lazy cats gets the darn thing!

John said...

I like the old fashion mouse traps with the spring, click bang done. He'll never know what hit him. Put a piece of hard cheese on it with a small wipe of peanut butter, draws them like a magnet. When they get stuck on the glue trap it could take days for him to die. I picked up one of those glue traps with the mouse still alive on it, he flipped out and broke free and ran up my arm. You wouldn't like that.

Above Average Joe said...

I dont know if anyone has suggested this but put peanut butter on the traps. I guess they like the taste.

It has always worked for me. Happy hunting.

Astarte said...

I put pb in those have-a-heart traps, and then when I caught it, I put the trap in a box, and when I went out that day, released it across town.

I really think they know what those other things are.

HW said...

I wouldn't worry about it. It's probably a female and she's off having her babies your house of course. You know? Kind of like the snake in my basement.

Sorry. I couldn't resist.