Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, let's take inventory of how the new year started off. First I had to work yesterday. The entire office was mostly off, except the accounting department. That wasn't so bad. We did leave early yesterday. I got a few miles down the interstate and my car broke down. Now...right after Christmas. When I am at my lowest point financially. Now, I am definitely not mechanically inclined but when your car sounds like it's never had oil, that's a pretty bad sign. The second bad sign is when your oil light comes on....and you just put oil in it a few days ago.

Back in the day if your oil light came on that meant you needed to add oil. Nowadays, if your oil light comes on, you better stop your car immediately. (This info is provided by the courtesy of my mechanic, John) Which I did. I pulled over the the side of the interstate. Let me tell you, that is not a safe feeling. I stopped the car and then decided I just wasn't far enough away from the traffic. I pulled the car over into the grass, which left my car sitting on an incline. I get out and try to check the oil. According to my dipstick, I had too much oil. Now that's not right. I add oil anyway and start the car again. It still sounds like the motor has blown. (Which it probably has) Next I need to figure which of my many family members I will call and ask for a ride home.

About that time my sister Alicia and her fiancee passed by on the interstate and saw me. How lucky is that? Actually I prefer to think that the Good Lord played a part in that. I didn't even have to call anyone. Help showed up.

So......let's recap the new year so far. My car probably needs a motor. Sissy is going to have to have some transmission work done. That's at least several thousand dollars between the two cars. Both of them must be fixed. There is no way around it. Yet I find myself without several thousand dollars lying around. What to do, what to do. Well right now I'm not really sure. Wait until John can look at my car this weekend and determine the damage, that's step one. Step two will be for me to formulate a plan on the likelihood that I can successfully rob a bank. Maybe I can get away with it. I don't look like the criminal type, no one will suspect me. Yet, that whole jail thing stops me dead in my tracks. I am too wimpy to go to jail. I admit it. I would cry like a baby. I find myself unable to stomach the thought of having to do my business in front of a bunch of strangers. I could never live without a hairdryer, and the food, yuck. Nope robbery is definitely out of the question.

I guess I will be forced to come up with some legal means of obtaining several thousand dollars. A second job? Nope, between school and work it just won't fit into my schedule. I know, I will make the girls get jobs, it's time they started earning their keep anyway. How long did they think I was going to support them? Until the end of time? Thankfully, there MAY be a tax refund in my near future. (Please God, please)

While I am pondering these deep questions, Happy New Year to everyone!


HW said...

I don't suppose it would help for me to send my son down to fix your car....?

Susiewearsthepants said...

mmmmmm......interesting idea!