Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Visitor

There I was, sitting in a co-worker's office, researching some data, minding my own business. What to my wandering eyes should appear? Mr. Jingles. Who is Mr. Jingles you ask.......a freakin' mouse. That's right my friends, a furry gray mouse. Mr. Jingles thought if he stayed close enough to the wall that I wouldn't notice him. He was wrong. My razor sharp vision(contacts) honed in on his location as soon as he came out of his hiding spot. He thought he could slip past me unnoticed, but he was mistaken.

Then I kind of starting yelling a little bit, " IT A MOUSE...OH MY GOD IT'S A MOUSE". No one saw Mr. Jingles but me. He was really fast. My co-worker thought I was crazy. But I knew the truth. I HAD seen Mr. Jingles. A couple of the men folk came around to help look for Mr. Jingles. Here in the south, most men either want to shoot it, stuff it, or marry it. They really wanted to shoot Mr. Jingles I think. I didn't want him to be shot, or smashed as was suggested by a couple of men. I just didn't want him hanging around my desk.

Finally we spotted Mr. Jingles. He was in the space between my cubicle and the wall. See, I am not crazy. I am not imagining furry mice scurrying around the office. Mr. Jingles is real........and now he is hanging out behind my cubicle. As far as I know, he could still be there. Apparently some Hershey Kisses had fallen behind my co worker's file cabinet. Mr. Jingles had eaten all the kisses, and in a sugar and caffeine induced frenzy, decided to venture out to look for more.

I spent the rest of the day imagining Mr. Jingles running out and scurrying across my sandal clad feet. Maybe I would open a desk drawer and he would be sitting there. Maybe he is a rabid mouse who will attack at any given moment.

You don't expect to see a mouse scurrying across the floor of an office. Nor do you expect a woman who has given birth twice, and brought home all kinds of critters as a little girl, to become unglued over said furry mouse. Upon further consideration, I decided that it's really not that much of a stretch. I work in a very large manufacturing plant. There are probably a whole lot worse things than mice crawling around in those walls.........Dear Lord, Please give me strength.

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