Monday, February 23, 2009

The Week In Review

Melissa's visit with her dad proved to be boring at best. After the initial shock wore off, she agreed to spend some time with him. I left it completely up to her. He stayed overnight in a hotel, and they spent a few hours together on Sunday. I had to work, so I didn't see him, nor did I want to. I think she saw him because she felt bad that he had driven all the way up here. Otherwise I think she would have said no. He blew her phone up for a couple of days after that, but everything has been quiet the last week or so.

I would REALLY like to talk about everything that has been going on at work. I hesitate to put anything detailed on this blog. If it were a private blog, no problem. I will say that the pace has definitely picked up. I finished out the week having NOT completed all my work. It is a good feeling to be busy. Yet I miss "M" everyday. She was a mother figure to me, and a genuinely good person. It was really sad for her to go, yet I don't harbor any ill feelings towards the superiors in charge of making those decisions. I realize they did what they had to do.

Today I am at home having my DirectTV installed. I am sure those boys hate me. I bet they even make some kind of notes in their computers to  NEVER  come to this house again. What was supposed to be a simple installation has turned into a big hassle. For them anyway. They couldn't get the TV in the master bedroom to work. After several HOURS of investigation and trying different things, it was determined that the only way to get the TV working in the bedroom is to install a completely new line.

Do you guys remember my horrendous mouse infestation? Well let me tell you what the little buggers did. They chewed through the cable line that runs in the wall. I actually had our cable company out here a couple of months ago when the cable stopped working in that room. The cable repairman said that we needed to rewire the entire house for cable. I knew that was a crock, so I sent him on his merry way. I got a 30 dollar service charge added to my bill for that little escapade. These boys have done a wonderful job, kudos to them for working so hard to get me some TV in my bedroom.

I babysat my little nephew Taylor this weekend. He will be a year old on St. Patrick's Day. I want to talk about him for a few minutes. He is the CUTEST baby. Every time I spend time with him I try to teach him to say "Mama". I smile at him and say, "Ma-ma, Ma-ma. He is quiet for a few seconds and then says in a loud baby voice, "Da-da-da-da". I swear I think it is pure stubbornness.  I also noticed that my sister has obviously been using "No" on him. I can tell because when he grabbed for my coffee cup and I told him no, he immediately yanked his chubby little hand back. He then proceeded to put one little index finger on the cup and looked at me to see what I would do. He was also licking? kissing? my coffee table. I hope my sister believes that dirt builds up their little immune systems.

When my sister asked me to babysit, I felt confident that I could handle an almost one year old baby. After all, I'm an old pro at this. I successfully managed to get two girls through babydom completely unharmed for the most part. Oh how the mind forgets. The mind forgets that babies so close to the floor can see every little speck of dirt on your floor, and they WILL try to eat it. The boy managed to get a popcorn kernel, a crusty, stale Cheerio, and he dumped over the cat's water bowl. And he's not even walking yet. Did I forget how fast they move? I was right there in the kitchen with him when he dumped over the water bowl. And what about my reflexes? Have they slowed so much over the years that I couldn't get to him before he decided to clean my kitchen floor with the cat's water?

I think God meant for me to have my children young. He knew I wouldn't be able to handle an infant full time in my thirties.

P.S. The Majic Jack is working out beatifully for our family. I like it and it works just fine. You can't beat it for around twenty bucks a year for the service. It does include voice mail, caller id, and call waiting. You do have to purchase the equipment, which is not unreasonable. If you are looking to cut expenses and are looking into getting rid of your home phone service, visit and check it out for yourself. Unlimited nationwide long distance is included. No, I am not a paid spokesperson, I just know a good deal when I see one and want to share it with others.

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Astarte said...

I watched a friend's 14mo the other day, and it was so weird having a baby in the house again! I'm with you - dirt will make them stronger and all that. Phooey on overclean homes, anyway.

Email me if you need to talk about work. I'm glad that Melissa's visit with her dad was a nonevent. What does she think of him now? Are there further plans to see each other?