Friday, June 20, 2008

My Daughter's Perspective

Finally, at least one of my daughters is home. Something to blog about. I become increasingly aware over the last several weeks that my life is dreadfully dull without the girls. Sad, but true. Yesterday, a local convenience store was crashed into. A young driver hit the gas instead of the brake and completely ran her small SUV into the Quizno's part of the store. I mean, COMPLETELY into the store. I tried to find the picture to link but I couldn't. It just so happened that Keri was there right after it happened. She called to tell me about and said and I quote, "You should have seen it Mom, it was so cool". Somehow, I don't think that the girl who crashed her SUV thought it was cool. She then proceeds to tell me, and I quote again, "The worst thing about it was we didn't even get to be on TV". Again, I don't think that girl thought that my daughter not getting to be on TV was the worst part.

Oopps, wait I found it. Click here.

Not only did she crash her car into a store, now she has to suffer the humiliation of having it broadcast ON THE NEWS. I seriously think there is not much going on where I live........


The Mom said...

Hopefully the girl's ego is the only thing hurt!

Anonymous said...