Monday, March 16, 2009

Confessions Of A Semi-Shopaholic

Melissa informed me a couple of weeks ago that she needed new clothes. Friday night I took her shopping where I work at my DSJ. I got 30 percent off this past weekend, so it seemed like a good time to go shopping. Usually the shopping scenario plays out like this:

I take one or both of the girls shopping. They pick out stuff they want. I pick out a couple of things for myself. I mentally calculate how much we are spending, then put my items back when I realize there wont be enough money for my stuff and theirs. NOT.THIS.TIME. It's so hard to work at DSJ and not yearn for the lovely spring clothes that are on the racks. The pretty pinks, lavenders, and other spring colors beckon to me. Yet, my ever practical nature always rises up to say, "Susan, you don't need anything. You can make it through another summer with the clothes you have from last year. Just get clothes for the kids. One day, you be will able to partake of all the spring glory around you". Only that day never seems to come. I always end up putting back my selections.

I went crazy this time. Oh yeah, I was a shopping freak. Melissa did get plenty of clothes. As a matter of fact, when I saw her puny selection, I sent her back to buy more!!! I don't think I have ever done that. By God, if I was going to spend all my money, I was going to do it up right. I wont be tacky and say how much we spent. But I will tell you that I will be feeling the effect of that shopping trip for a couple of weeks. Behold my spring glory.......

I love this purse. It's so cute!
These are mine....mine, mine, mine. Yay me!

So, after spending entirely too much money on Friday night. I kept a low profile for the rest of the weekend. If one must shop, one must be prepared to do penance.


Laura said...

That bag is STUNNING!!!! I want it now too :)

And the clothes are pretty too! Sometimes you have to just do it!

Farrell said...

ESP. LOVE the bag! SO perfect for spring!!

HW said...

So...when you're done with that purse, can you send it up north to me?

The clothes are so cute! And I think it's great you got yourself some stuff. You know, sometimes it is okay to be kind to yourself.

Astarte said...

What a great bag!!!!! I love it!!! The clothes are cute, too!

I broke down and bought myself several spring shirts on sale about two weeks ago at Penny's. Thank God for them and their cheap-ass clothes, since Old Navy has totally bit the crapper.