Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ur-Ine My Way

This past week has not been a pleasant one. There have been several "incidents" this week. Seemingly minor mishaps, but still irritating. I just finished a six-day-in-row stint at my DSJ. Needless to say, I am glad it's over with. The first night I got a clue as to how the rest of my week would be proceeding. I will be detailing the events of my week in chronological order.

Night One: About the time I clocked in, I realized I needed to pee. I decided to get a few things done, then go to the bathroom. I just didn't want to clock in and then head straight for the bathroom. By the time I realized that I REALLY needed to go, more than an hour had passed. I run to the bathroom, yank open a stall door, drop my drawers and sit. Oh what relief. The trouble began when I stood up. I felt something wet all along the back of my legs and butt. Please, let it be water, let it be water. No, it was most definitely NOT water, I saw as I turned around and looked at the seat. Someone had pissed all over the seat.....and yours truly had sat right in it. USUALLY I am a squatter. I didn't squat this time because I had to go SO VERY BADLY. I wasn't right for the rest of the night. It makes me shudder just to think about it. I swear as God as my witness, I will never sit on a public toilet again. Ever, ever, again.

Night Two: Night two was an uneventful night, but I didn't want to leave it out.

Night Three/Day Four: This totally sucked because I had to stay until 11:30 pm on night three, go home, "spring" my clock forward, and get up to be there when the store opened for day four. (Don't ya just love closing and then opening, if you ever worked retail?)

Night Five: I worked a 6-10:30 shift. When I got to my department, clothes were piled EVERY-FREAKIN' WHERE!!!!! All the fitting rooms were full of clothes, there were clothes in floor, there were clothes EVERYWHERE!!!! Did I say that already? Anyway, I spent four hours doing nothing but putting clothes away, and I had to have other employees from other departments help me get my department cleaned up.

The Grand Finale(aka Night Six): I am tired. I am cranky. I am sick to death of working DSJ. It has now been days and days since I had a day off. I am near to foaming at the mouth. The lazy wench employee who left all those clothes for me to clean up on night five is there. The managers comes by my department and tells me to head over to the jerk's department when I finish with mine. She still doesn't have all her clothes put away. It's now 8pm. She has been working for FIVE hours. She has been working for FIVE hours and her clothes are still not put away. Foaming at the mouth now progresses to full fledged Tasmanian Devil behaviour, complete with unintelligible mutterings and such. How to deal with the lazy wench  employee is the question. I don't really want an out and out brawl. I decide be subtle. I went over to her department and asked her why she still had clothes that needed to be put away. She muttered a few excuses. I thought up a brilliant plan. I am telling you, that college education is paying off in ways I never imagined. I figured out that the wench is not really lazy, she just doesn't like putting clothes away. I help her do everything else, except put the clothes away. Ha ha ha!

Once her department was in reasonable order I mosy back over to my department. I see the store manager talking to her. Good, someone needs to set her straight anyway. She acts pissy towards me, but I shrug it off. I figure she is ticked because I didn't help her put those clothes away. A few minutes later she comes over to my department and accuses me of going to management and talking about her behind her back. It was on. I was NOT nice, and I was not quiet. I gave her a piece of mind which included the statement that "I am tired of cleaning up your  messes". She just ASSUMED it was me. I am old enough to know that this is just petty crap, but I was not in the mood for it. It really irks my nerves when people expect you to do your work plus theirs. I am ashamed of losing my temper...yet again. I find that cold, controlled anger is much better than blowing a gasket.

I keep saying that I am much better about letting my emotions get the best of me, yet here again I lost my cool. Then to top all that off, Keri came to me crying last night saying she wants me to quit the DSJ. That pee was a sign. I knew as soon as I sat in it, I was in for a rough week.


Karen Deborah said...

sounds like you are way to tired. Maybe your kid has a good idea. Have you thought about quitting and spending less? We've cut way back, turned off the cable and we're back in a positive cash flow again. It's starting to get fun. I never thought I could be so stingy.
Come enter my contest maybe you'll win.

Astarte said...

Oh, shit. Wait, no - pee. Public toilets are AWFUL AWFUL places. You know, none of us would have to hover if people could actually hover WELL. It's the people who CAN'T hover appropriately that cause all the problems for the rest of us!!

I am so sorry things have been so rough for you. I know your kids are having a rough time, too, in their own way. Maybe that other chick is having a similar problem at home, and isn't as adept as you are at handling herself; not everyone can be as amazing as you, right? Or, you know, she could just be an idiot, but if there were a real reason it might make you feel better. I actually think co-workers are the worst part of jobs like that. When I worked at a store years ago, it was really the people that made it unbearable, not the work itself.