Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here We Go Again

Well, I'm in trouble....again. Have I done anything to deserve this new trouble plaguing my life? No. Unless breathing is cause for trouble to rain down on my head. Keri is getting ten and a half years old. Keri has to wear a bra, and seemingly has outgrown the ones she had, causing me to have to buy her new, BIGGER bras. Keri doesn't want to wear anything "girly". What is this trouble? I think it's obvious. Keri is heading straight for that pre-teen era. A black abyss in which it will be years before I see the bright rays of sunshine again.

Today she slammed the door in retribution to something her sister said. Slammed the door. She hasn't slammed a door since she was four or five. When she was little, that's what she would do if I made her angry. She would stomp off to her room, slam the door, and declare in her little girl voice that she was "NEVER speaking to me again.......EVER!!!!!!!"

I ignored that behavior and it didn't last very long. Melissa's early teen years were no picnic. I remember them somewhat clearly despite my feeble attempts to forget all about that dark time. Yet here I am again facing all all the same trials and tribulations, but it seems to me that it's coming earlier with Keri. I mean EVERYTHING. This new body that is slowly starting to emerge. The pimples. Good Lord, I don't think I had a pimple until I was at least 13. What's up with kids these days? Not to mention the fact that I think she is tall for her age. Everyone seems to think so.

She is obsessed with peace signs now. Shirts with peace signs on them, earrings in the shape of the peace sign, whatever she can get her pre-teen hands on. And recent haircut? I think an obvious beginning to the three or four years of "anti-girly" I am in for. She recently asked me if she could start wearing makeup. I told her not over my dead body that she will have to wait until she is a little older. Melissa went through this stage. The one where the ONLY thing you get on her were T-shirts and jeans. God forbid you should come near her with anything that even had the hint of a ruffle or lace. She rejected feminism and everything is stands for. I didn't have the sense God gave a billy goat. She knew everything, I knew nothing. She was sassy, and hormonal. Throw a move to another state in the mix, and let's just say that my life was.....well....hell.

Despite saying all that, Melissa was not as difficult as I anticipate Keri being. I think all has to do with personality. Keri has been a drama queen since conception. Keri has always been a people-pleasing follower. I have begun to drill it into her head that she can't always do what everyone else wants her to do. I am taking offensive action people. I am going to meet this new phase head on. After all, I have years of experience behind me now. I am not the beginner I was with Melissa. I have strategies people. I am a seasoned veteran of these pre-teen games in which I am finding myself slowly becoming immersed in.

This Friday is the dance at the middle school welcoming all the upcoming sixth graders. I am ready people. My plan of action is in place. I have thought it through very carefully. I have plotted and schemed. I plan to sit in front of the school, wearing dark sunglasses. I will shamelessy peer through a pair of binoculars and pray with all my might that not. one. boy. dares to even glance sideways at my daughter.

Yep, I'm clever, calculating.....and breaking into a cold sweat just thinking about it.


Mental P Mama said...

I'll be praying for you;)

Astarte said...

Oh, dear, sweet Jesus. Josie will be 10 on Friday, and I know it's The Beginning of the End. She's been wearing a bra for a few months now, although I was at her age as well, but if she continues down the same path I was on, that means she's going to get her period next year sometime. That makes me really sad!!!

Oh, and don't forget the trench coat. It will really complete your ensemble. :)

HW said... daughter would kill me for telling you this, but she started her period at age 10 1/2. But within a year of that, her moods realy leveled out and she was much easier to deal with.

I recommend the book The Care and Keeping of Me (I think that's the name) - from American Girl. It's available at most bookstores. Do you have it? It's written so well for girls this age so they can read it with or without an adult.

I know it's hard right now, when you want to pinch their heads clean off their shoulders, but remember Keri doesn't know what to do with herself either.

Hang in there.

Farrell said...

I do not envy you and I feel sophie will start the tween years (at least in attitude) very early, say about 7?
strategies are welcome; I will record them all.
OH God, the things I did and said to my mother when I was a tween/teen! Karma is real and I am going to totally get back everything I gave her.

Sissy said...

Lol What did I say to make her slam the door? I don't recall this.