Friday, May 22, 2009

Going Blue (Instead of Green)

I have been meaning to get around to this post for a couple of weeks now. You know how that goes. A couple of weeks ago, in the checkout lane at Wally World, I noticed they are selling Earth friendly, reusable shopping bags. What the heck, I thought. Shamefully, I cant think of anything else I am doing to help the planet. I don't think our town offers a recycling service where they pick it up at the curb. I must interrupt and note that this is not a "brag on myself" post.

I bought four of these bags.

Let me tell you what I love about these bags. I bought four of them, and ALL my groceries fit into the four bags. Which means two things, one-the back of my Toyota is not nearly as packed when I load the groceries. Two-less trips to and from the car to get the groceries into house. Third-I am making a small contribution to help the planet. The bags only cost 50 cents a piece.

They also had this little number which I love also.

This is...well, a shopping bag in a bag. It fits neatly into your purse, and is very handy when you are just picking up a few things. I use mine when I go the drugstore.

This is what it looks like unfolded. It only takes a few seconds to fold it back.

Oh, I almost forgot. It also has one of those handy clips that attaches to your key ring.

If you are an impulse shopper (like I have been known to be) this is perfect. You know how you go into a store for one thing, and you end up with an armful of stuff. Come on, you know who you are. This bag is perfect for those trips. AAAANNNDDDD, you don't have to touch the germy, disgusting, God-knows-what-they-have-on-them baskets.

So, in conclusion, I urge you run out and buy yourself some of these wonderful bags posthaste and forthwith. So I won't be the only one surrounded by blue bags. So you too, can help our planet.


Laura said...

WOW that is so very cool!!! I dont take bags with me - I buy the plastic ones cos its such a mission to carry these with me!

Susiewearsthepants said...

Laura-I keep the bigger ones in my car and the smaller one in my purse.

Farrell said...

I use my resuable bags that fold up in a similar fashion - my friend sent them to me one year for my bday - for everything. groceries, my work bag, my pool bag...they are wonderful! sturdy and environmentally friendly - who could ask for anything more?:)

Merrie said...

That little one is inspired. I'm forever leaving my Trader Joe's bag at home, and I have a few Target ones that fold/zip into something small. I need to get on keeping them in the car.
Enjoy being green/blue!

Astarte said...

I love the fabric bags! They don't tip over, and they're so much easier to carry! Plus, I can put some on my shoulders and some in my hands and make fewer trips, too. I need to keep them in the car, though - I tend to leave them in the house, and then don't use them unless I'm making a big trip.