Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sickly Saturday

I was up late last night working on homework. The DQ spent the night with one of her friends. I had to go to a baby shower today, which is why I needed to get some of my school work done last night. Let me tell you that spending a Friday night doing Algebra is not my idea of a good time.

After I got home this afternoon, The DQ came home from her friend's house, and Sissy came out of her room. She is sick. I made dinner and The DQ started complaining that she didn't feel well either. So all three of us curled up on the couch and watched TV. Both the girls laid their sick little heads in my lap. I have so very little time just to be. The sweetness of the time was not lost on me. Even as crazy as things are around here. I could have been doing more schoolwork. I probably should have been doing school work, but nothing can replace the time where both my girls where laying on me like they were little girls again.

I love those moments. Everyone was peaceful and quiet. (Of course the fact that they both were not feeling well is a little bit of a bummer). Eventually, The DQ ran for the bathroom and I heard her drop in front of the toilet like a ton of bricks. Sure enough, she was in there barfing. She called for me to bring her a glass of water. When I took it in there to her, she looked at me and said, "Mommy, I shut the lid on the toilet because it is not pretty". How very considerate of The DQ. I am truly glad that she spared me the sight of her barf.

We go back into the living room and The DQ states that she will lay on the floor so she will be less likely to spread her germs to Sissy and myself. Sissy and I both insisted that she get back on the couch. So, what....I am going to demote my child to the floor because she got sick. No, I think not. Sissy and I both determined that enough germs have been spread in this house, and at this point it just doesn't matter.

We all settle back on the couch and after a few minutes, The DQ said," Someone is going to have to clean the toilet". Sissy says, "That would be me". The humor of the situation was not lost on me. No matter how much bickering and arguing that goes on between the girls, you can see that they love each other. Despite being 7 years apart in age. Just when I am convinced that one of them is a selfish brat, some act of kindness towards their sister proves me wrong.

Somewhere deep inside, I have to think that even though I am a certified nut, who came from a terrible situation, that MAYBE, just maybe, I have really great kids. Not only are they really great kids, they will grow up to be really great adults, thus the cycle will be broken.


HW said...

You do have really great kids and YOU are a really great person.
I pray nightly for a cycle to be broken. My husband and I both lost our fathers - mine to divorce when I was 10; his to death when he was 4. Each loss has of course shaped our lives profoundly. I know about the cycle of broken homes.
You WILL break the cycle. I just know it. Something tells me you are going to do great things....

Susiewearsthepants said...

Thank you very much. I humbly accept your lovely compliment.