Thursday, November 22, 2007

Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house.......

My sisters very wisely decided that I could not be left alone to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey. They decided to rally the troops and have a turkey intervention.

Bet and Logan injecting that poor defenseless bird. I bet it was fun for the kids to have a chance to be the ones to inject something.

All the kids got to help get the turkey ready. My very important job was to supervise and take pictures. I can't be trusted with raw meat. (No.....really, I can't)

Sissy does not looked pleased.

I think the adults had more fun than the kids.

The bug boy was an excellent helper!

From left to right myself, Bet, and Dejah (two of my sisters)

From the top: My daughter "Sissy" next on the left, one of DQ's friends, The DQ, then Bug Boy(my nephew in the red) and Little Fisherman in the yellow (also my nephew)

There was a lot of noise, a little confusion, and a whole lot of fun. Thank goodness my sisters are smart enough to know that I needed serious help with the turkey. My regular blog readers will know that I just recently decided to seriously take up learning to cook. It is my turn to host the annual family Thanksgiving get together, since I have been learning to cook off and on for about a month, I am not ready to deal with a turkey all alone. The thought of trying to serve (gulp) fifteen people was a tad overwhelming. Thank goodness for big families-more people to help!

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