Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moldy Bread (Sorry That's All I Have)

I know I constantly amaze and inspire my extremely large fan base with my deep and insightful blogs, my words evoking inspirational contemplation and reaching thousands. OK, OK more like two people. Today should be no different. I got up this morning and was getting ready to make my lunch, until I spotted the mold growing on my bread. Which I just bought last week. I KNOW that bread will get moldy if sits for a while. What about bread that’s only slightly old? This is the second time I purchased bread from the store that begins with W-A-L and it turned moldy after only a few days.

If it’s not bad enough that I traipse my happy little behind across town, EVERY week to shop at this store, now I must endure bread that won’t even last a full week? Re-diculous I tell you. Some have said that I should break up with W-A-L. Maybe they are right. I have stubbornly kept this relationship alive by justifying the fact that I save SO much money on my grocery bill. Maybe I can’t see the unhealthy aspects of this relationship clearly because of my personal involvement. They always say you can see a relationship more clearly from the outside looking in.

If I list all the transgressions of said store, it appears very clear that I should look for a new store to shop in. First there was the old bat who ran me out of the self check out lane (Not that I hold a grudge or anything). Then she tried a second time on a separate visit to run me off. Next time I was accused of trying to steal her stupid pen. Now I must endure moldy bread?

It is obvious that my loyalty is misplaced in this relationship. Has Wally World put it’s faith in me? Have they trusted me to competently check out my own groceries? No. Have they shown loyalty towards me? No. They accuse me of thievery instead. Have they worked to keep me a happy and satisfied customer? No. Disgruntled and disappointed at.Every.Turn.

Have they shown loyalty and trust towards my family? No. They accuse my brother of trying to steal a pressure washerAAAANNNNDDD I think they even poked him in the shoulder. To which he responded, “If you touch me again, I will be forced to defend myself”.

Frankly, I think I have become entangled with a loser. Sure, they promise you world, but they don’t deliver. Alas I am hanging on to a dead relationship with no equality. I give them my money and they give me moldy bread and poor customer service. I think the time draws near for me to consider taking my grocery business elsewhere. Much as it will pain my pocketbook. Hopefully I won’t choose another loser store. You know, since I will be on the rebound and everything. I may be a little sad during this time of transition, but I will make it through. After all, this is not my first experience with losers.

Note the "sell by" date of July 22nd. Which is TODAY. My bread should not be moldy.


Astarte said...

When we first moved to this area, I, too, shopped at Shitmart because it was convenient, since we also needed many things for the house, to combine it all into one exhausting trip. EVERYTHING went bad after a few days. The produce was the WORST, most awful stuff! It was bad after about a day and a half, no joke. I finally wised up a few weeks later and branched out to try the grocery stores (they're all different here from where we had lived, so I was stalling to avoid having to learn yet another new store setup), and I suddenly remembered - VARIETY!!!! There is actually more than one brand of stuff; there's all sorts of yummy niche brands that make fabulous niche foods! Also, when you figure in the gas deals that the other stores in town throw in, plus the fact that the food actually lasts more than two days (I think it molds b/c they import it from China, along with everything else in that crap place) so I don't have to buy produce over and over, it ends up costing me the same.

Branch out, girl. Love yourself more than moldy bread.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Astarte-You are so right! I meant to talk about the produce but I forgot. It looks like the employees took in the back room to use it to learn how to juggle.

Farrell said...

I don't trust wal-mart produce.
Also, i keep my bread in the fridge and it lasts a lot longer.

Karen Deborah said...

What else you got? They aren't all that cheap.
My memory of you is "the hypochondriac daughter!" I have one too.

Elysa said...

I totally understand where you're coming from.

I'm a loyal Kroger customer and it shows! Yeah, I may pay a bit more, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the customer service, they run pretty good sales, their store brands are mostly incredible, they offer a lot of organic and all natural products, we get a bunch of cents off our gasoline, AND because I am such a faithful shopper, we get great customized coupons such as the one I got for $16 off one shopping trip if I bought $160 worth of groceries.

I only go to Wal-Mart when I absolutely have to. I don't enjoy Wal-Marting on the whole. I do enjoy Krogering.

BTW, do they have Safe-Way in your neck of the woods? On our family vacation to FL a couple of years ago we shopped at 2 or 3 different ones and found the quality of food and helpfullness to be superb. We were even given a free tub of very delicious icecream when the manager found out that it was my very first time to shop at a Safe-way. Now THAT'S how to build some customer loyalty. :D

Susiewearsthepants said...

Elysa- I may have to give Kroger's a shot. I am still searching for my replacement store.