Thursday, July 10, 2008


A few tidbits of things going on........

Melissa was filling out a job application for a major electronics store who shall remain nameless. She filled out all the basic information, then moved on to what I am assuming was a personality assessment. The questions were really hilarious. I will list a few that I can remember:

1. It is maddening to you when guilty criminals go unpunished.(I can't sleep for days when an obviously guilty criminal is set free. It riddles me with anxiety)

2. You require a lot breaks when working on a difficult task.( I don't know about you, but I require a lot breaks no matter how easy or difficult a task is)

3. You are easily annoyed by others.( Yes, the mere presence of other human beings occupying the same space as me, is extremely annoying)

4. You enjoy listening to your friends talk about themselves.(Yes, I love to listen to ANYONE go on and on and on about themselves. I can't get enough of it actually)

I mean it was completely ridiculous. Does anyone answer these questions in a manner which is unflattering to themselves? I was cracking up. Not only that, but it took Melissa an HOUR to get through the entire application. Ridiculous I tell you.

The following exerpt is a cell phone conversation I had a couple of days ago:

The setup: My cell rings and I see it is my dad:

ME: Hello?

DAD: To whom am I speaking?

ME: Thinking my dad is messing around with me, I say in a business like tone: This is Susan

DAD: Susan who?

ME: Realizing that my dad really has NO CLUE who he is talking to, I become exaperated: DAD, IT'S ME!

DAD: Oh! OK! I found this number on a piece of paper and I didn't recognize it. I didn't recognize your voice either.

Gee thanks Pop.

We are off to North Carolina in the morning We will have eight people traveling in a seven passenger van for a minimum of six hours. Please pray for us. Don't worry, I'm bringing my Ipod......and maybe some nerve pills. Does anyone remember hearing the expression, "I need one of my nerve pills"? Well, I think I could be needing some "nerve pills" tomorrow.


HW said...

Your conversation with your dad reminded me of a time at work when I was a receptionist. I answered the phone and the lady said "yes, what is your phone number?"

Long awkward silence.

"'am the number you just dialed will allow you to reach our office."


Oh and good luck on that long drive. Take an ice pick so you can poke your own eyes out. Sometimes that is more pleasant than long crowded drives....

Anonymous said...

I get calls like this ALL the time:

me: Collision center, this is Ben.

customer: Is this the body shop?

me: Yes it is.

customer: Can I speak to Ben?

All the time! at least once a day

Susiewearsthepants said...

LOL that's funny

Astarte said...

I love the conversation with your dad!!!! That's too funny!!!! We have an expression for people who screw up on the phone- 'Is this the person to whom I am speaking?' I think it's from a movie, probably Monty Python, which would explain why I don't know.