Saturday, May 10, 2008


Dear Children,

If it is not bad enough that you must suffer through having me as a mother, your lives seem to be wrought with drama on an almost daily basis. Melissa, let's start with you. You are now driving and going to school, and working part time. And you are only a freshman. Because of your "advanced" age, you are surrounded by kids who are not nearly as mature as you are. More specifically, you are surrounded by boys who are not as mature as you are. Recently, one of these boys, who you like only as a friend, seems to have fallen quite hard for you, if the poem he wrote in your honor is any indication. His line indicating that he cries at night in misery and almost goes insane would lead one to believe that he is pining for you. He also says that if he could choose between love and death, he thinks he would rather die. I can't imagine the pressure you must be feeling. Now you must be forced to let this boy down gently, after all he did write a poem for you. I would imagine that it is no small feat for a fourteen year old boy. Good luck with that.

You are also dealing with "end of grade" testing, and your busiest time of the year at work. You come home so tired and exhausted that your eyes are bloodshot red. If all these injustices were not enough, you hit my NEW CAR yesterday and creamed a bag of trash that was in the driveway. Thankfully, you didn't hit my car hard enough to do any damage. Otherwise, you would not be here for me to write this letter to you. Your mysterious disappearance would be quite baffling to everyone.

Keri, while you are quite a bit younger than your big sister, you have drama of your own to deal with. First, I dropped one of your new shirts in bleach. You had only worn the shirt once. In my guilt over this travesty, I told you I would take you this weekend to replace the damaged shirt. Yesterday you forgot your breakfast and had to go to school hungry. Before school even started yesterday, some sick child barfed all over you and seven other students. While I am not the brightest apple in the bunch, I have to believe that in order for a total eight students to be hit by this barf, it must have been projectile vomit. I had JUST arrived at work when this mishap took place. Not wanting to have to drive thirty minutes back to your school and then another thirty minutes back to work, I sent your aunt to bring you a new shirt. She was not even dressed when I called her, so you had to wait for her to finish getting ready, while sitting around in a barf soaked shirt. Your aunt went to our house, where she discovered the door was locked, even though I remember leaving it unlocked. After checking all the windows she decided to drive to your school and pick you up. The day ended pretty well for you, but I think you would have liked a "redo" for the first part of the day.

Girls, I know that life is hard sometimes, especially for the children born into our family. However, I believe we must all persevere in this journey we call life. While life is not full of good times, you must learn to overcome these obstacles with dignity and grace. Remember also dear children, that if these things did not happen to you, then I would have nothing to blog about, and we all know how important THAT is.

Your Mother


HW said...

Oh gosh! Hard times at the susiewearsthepants household.
Will summer vacation make it any better? Or is that just another kind of stress all together?

Susiewearsthepants said...

Maybe, but at least I don't have three people to worry about getting ready in the summer.

Astarte said...

Oh, lordy, projectile vomit!!!! I'm surprised that none of the barfed-on kids threw up too. It could have been a serious chain-barf situation!!! Ugh, that poor teacher, too. Yeowch.

Young heartbreak is awful, from either side. :(