Friday, May 2, 2008

Someone Help Me.........Please!

I have struggled with allergies since I was about 25. They got worse when I moved to TN as TN is the second worst state in the country for allergy problems. This is because of the geography. We live in a "valley". This section of the state is surrounded by mountains. Which means that our air sort of stagnates. Yuck.

I pop various allergy medicines like they are candy. I have medicine for daytime and nighttime medicine. I have medicine for sinus relief and medicine for itchy, watery eyes. Last night I started sneezing and then my nose got a little stuffy. When I went to bed, my throat felt kind of scratchy. Not a sore throat, but I had this feeling of needing to clear my throat. WHICH WOULD NOT GO AWAY. I laid down a few minutes after 10. At 11 I got up and got some water. Nope. That did not help. At 11:30 I finally got up and took a pill. They last time I looked at the clock it was around midnight. I finally went to sleep, but at 4 am I had to get up and use the bathroom from all the water I drank. I stumbled into the bathroom muttering to myself about how much it sucks to have to get up and pee in the middle of the night. What sucks even worse than that, is when it takes a friggin hour to pee because you drank so much water. You know what I am talking about, the pee that never ends. You think you are done, but more pee just keeps trickling out. Not that I am one to complain mind you.

I stumbled back to bed and fell asleep immediately. I don't think the pill helped my symptoms any, I am pretty sure it just knocked me out. Hence that would be why I awoke with the same scratchy throat from the night before. Not that I am one to complain, but that's a crappy way to start the day. Oh and my ears are stopped up. Is there anything I can do for stopped up ears?

Daily Drama
I am thinking about incorporating a daily drama segment to record the drama that goes on around here almost daily. A couple of days ago Melissa called me from school crying. She asked me if she could leave school early. I asked her what happened, and between sobs, she told me she didn't want to talk about it. I told her to go ahead and sign out. This is because I KNOW that my very responsible teenager would not want to leave school unless something serious was going on. I fretted all afternoon. It went something like this:

What could be wrong? Was someone mean to my precious baby? Did someone tease or embarrass her? Did someone hit her? They better not have put their hands on my precious child. Maybe she took her money to school and someone stole it and she is distraught.

When she got home from work that night and told me what happened, I was disappointed. She had a disagreement with her art teacher. Because she fell asleep. In class. Then she became upset and slammed the classroom door on her way out. I was appalled! That is not normal behavior for my wonderful daughter. I can't believe she lost her temper like that. I told her that what she did was wrong and she should apologize to her teacher for acting that way. I was even more appalled because I was sure she had endured some major injustice at school and that was why she needed to leave early.

I was not expecting her to tell me that she left early because of a problem with a teacher. That is not a good reason to leave school early. Disappointment at every turn I tell you. (Although she did tell me today that her and her teacher apologized to each other)

Keri's injuries for the last two days include a burning on her hand from the hand sanitizer she used, and a hurt ankle. She came hobbling into the living room today and told me about how she hit her ankle that was already sore and of course it, "hurt really bad". So to recap since I began recording we have:
A hurt side
A pimple that "really hurts"
A stinging hand (from hand sanitizer)
and last but not least....a hurt ankle

In other news....

I am recanting my request from a previous blog about comments. I want everyone to feel free to say whatever they think.(Unless you directly attack me or one of my blog buddies) I don't think I should be censoring a friggin blog after all. However, I would like it noted that we should all remember that we all have different ideas, opinions, and suggestions.

I have had a couple of people ask so I want Farrell and Karen Deborah both to know that it was not you. Not to worry. Since I am now up to three regular readers, I don't want to run you guys off.

I am off to prepare for another miserable night of the scratchy throat and stuffed up nose saga. I need strength........and better drugs.


HW said...

Don't change your blog rules because of me. I totally need to keep my mouth, shut so to speak. I was just letting you know that the question about my comment didn't offend me, but I appreciate you taking up for me.

Now the important thing. We have crutches if you want to borrow them for Keri's ankle. My daughter used them for about 18 hours. Then she realized the novelty of crutches wasn't worth the effort and sore arms. Oh, and when the nurse told her she couldn't wear flip flops with them, her face went white as though she'd been stuck with a big fat needle. NO FLIP FLOPS??!!! OH MY GOSH!! She'd rather hop on one leg for two weeks.

My family struggles with allergies too. My kids take zyrtec, which is now available over the counter. Hope it improves soon.

The Mom said...

Oh man I wish you the most (((feel better vibes))) ever! That sucks. My son has terrible allergies and he takes allegra twice a day, eye drops and his inhaler just to feel s0-so. How about Benedryl?

Hope tomorrow is much more promising!

Karen Deborah said...

I bought an air purifier. If you want one let me know. It does help. Stuffy ears would be relieved by Sudafed in the day time, (you have to sign forms that you are not going to make crack with it) and sleepy time stuff like benadryl at night, if you can handle benadryl. It can have a hangover worse than a good time.
Seriously, cleaning up my air helped me the most. I didn't get a filter, I got a purifier and, those are controversial too, BUT if it works it must be ok.

Your kids crack me up. I've got 2 just like em and as for us, no drama at all. Wonder where those kids get all that?

Ditto on the previous comment, you could go shopping for orhtopedic ugly shoes,.... you might have a miracle healing on the spot.
If she will wear orthopedic shoes, go to the nearest ER for a full work up, the kid is sick.

Actually if she persists for longer than 2 weeks with a pain complaint you probably should go get a check up and an x ray.
Kids can and do develop disorders in their bones. Better safe than sorry.

PS, thanks, as much trouble as I have been in lately with my big mouth I just knew it had to be me.