Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Pain, The Agony

Greetings from the south. I don't know what the weather is normally like where some of you folks are from, but let me tell you it is unusually chilly here in the south. A couple of weeks ago, I bought some really cute spring tops. Which I have been unable to wear yet. They just hang in my closet, saying, "Wear me, oh please oh please wear me!" I did wear my new pink top today, but I had to wear a jacket over it.

I woke up with allergy/sinus issues this morning. I decided that since we have no food in the house, I needed to do my shopping a day early. I usually wait for the Sunday paper so I can clip coupons. I am doing this really freaky/anal thing. Every time I grocery shop, I write down the price of everything I buy. Then later, I transfer it to an Excel spreadsheet. Since most people tend to be creatures of habit, and I am no different, I end up buying a lot of the same things. The plan is that I will be able to mark everything on the spreadsheet, then I will be able to calculate my grocery bill before I go shopping. I haven't completely finished the list, but it's getting there.

Did I mention that I woke up to no sugar in the house for coffee? I.Must.Have.Coffee. My first and only cup of coffee is very essential. It's actually good for you. I figure it like this: It helps me wake up. It gives me a little energy. It keeps me from ripping off the head of anyone who comes near. See. Good, I tell you.

I worked on the list then told Keri to get ready. I needed to go to my sister's house to print out the list since my printer is broken. By the time we got half way there, my sinuses were killing me. We stopped at drugstore so I could get some relief. This was not the usual drugstore I shop in. The girl behind the counter had about 10 earrings and didn't seem too enthused to be there. Since I was buying the kind of allergy medicine that requires ID, I flip open my wallet and lay it on the counter. She looks at me and says, "I need your drivers license". I looked at her and said, "It's right there". She says, "I need for you to pull it out". Well eeexxxcccuuuuseeee me. Then I have to stand there for ten minutes feeling like a common criminal while she records my purchase on a sheet that is turned into the government. Then I have to sign my name to the sheet. I am the only one who feels weird about buying allergy medicine? I felt like I really needed to say, "I promise, I am not buying this drug to cook into an illegal drug". I feel guilty just for buying it. Alas, I have to have it.

As soon as get in the car, I pop one in my mouth without a drink. A little while later I felt relief for my sinuses, but the headache had moved to the back of my skull. Not fun. I pop ibuprofen for the headache. By the way, I can see why they require ID for that stuff. It jacked me up. I came home and started running around like a tornado doing chores. I even hand washed some of my dishes. I even found my mood lifted. And, I couldn't shut up. I just kept talking, and talking, and talking.

I got to visit with my sweet new little nephew Taylor. That boy has captured my heart. There is no denying it. He sunk his newborn little hooks into Keri too. She held him as much as my sister would let her. She asked me if we could babysit him if my sister wants to go out.

We never made it to the grocery store. I did take Keri shopping and bought her a couple of new outfits. The strain of trying to buy an entire wardrobe at one time is just too much for me. It would be nice if I could take a couple of hundred bucks and just buy all her spring and summer wardrobe at one time. Unfortunately, my finances don't work that way. (One of the many thrills of being a single parent)We have to buy a couple of outfits here and there. I know I cannot be the only single parent out there that struggles with this sort of thing. If I buy clothes, I have to tighten up the budget somewhere else. Which is really hard to do when you are strapped already. Let's see I bought clothes, mmmm, I guess that means we don't eat this week.

I need to brag on the slobby fruit of my loins, Keri. Since I have graduated from college and been able to focus my attention on her and Melissa again, I am seeing radical improvement in her sloppiness. Not because she is any less sloppy, but because I am now on full fledged "Mom" duty. Which means I walk around saying things like, "Keri put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket please". Or Keri, take your bookbag and your shoes to your room". Or, "Keri, do you eat yogurt in the living room and leave the container on the table? Get it up please". She is one of those kids that will never be neat on her own. She needs constant reminders to put things away. She is doing much better about her room. I cleaned it up for her while I was on vacation and she has done a great job of keeping it clean.

Melissa, the not slobby fruit of my loins, a different kind of issue emerges. As I said in blog, I was not in the best of moods yesterday. I sent Melissa out last night to fetch dinner for all of us. She leaves and comes back in a few minutes later. She tells me she backed into one of the vehicles in our driveway. It's not one of our vehicles. Great. Just freakin great. I decide that I am not dealing with it and tell her to go on and get the food. Luckily the owner of the vehicle is really laid back and is not upset. I told him that Melissa was working now, and she could pay off the expense of having the door fixed.

I don't think I mentioned that. Melissa started her first job today. I am really excited for her for more than one reason. The first of course is that she will have some of her own spending money now, which take a little of the burden off of me. Another reason is that she is an introvert, and I think it will be great for her to be around people.

The pissiness moodiness of yesterday has passed. I suspect lack of sleep was the culprit. If not, I would still be pissy moody today. Hope everyone in blog land had a wonderful Saturday!


JMC said...

YES on the allergy medication thing. I find myself looking around furtively for any cameras whenever I buy it. And it HAS to be that kind, because the new, don't-need-ID-for-it kind doesn't work for shit.

Karen Deborah said...

ahh girl, my friend used to say that when I wake up, Atilla the Hun ain't got nuthin on me. Now that's a cranky morning person. I have thaught myself to speak in the morning and say,"good morning" to other people even if there is no such thing. I HEAR you about coffee. I just use organic half and half in my very strong french roast. No sugar, umm delish.
Yep the pseudofed thing is irritating. I tried to buy a box of short acting and long acting at the same time. No can do. First she rung it up, then she got all the paper work out and started making a big deal out of how both boxes can't be rung up at once. I got so mad, I felt so stinkin sick that I couldn't deal with it. I started hollering about how stupid this whole thing was, and how much crappy crack could the average old lady make with 2 boxes of allergy medicine anyway? Not good. Both my girls were walking down other isles trying to pretend they were shopping alone. Don't feel bad about budgets, these days are hard for everybody. We are going to more second hand stores and just managing with what we have. Your spread sheet is IMPRESSIVE!! geez, I usually loose it with 3 digit math.

John said...

I held little Taylor for the first time yesterday, he is cute. He opened his eyes real wide and then turned beet red, I must have that effect on people. Hope your headache feels better and I'm happy Melissa got a job.

HW said...

I have sinus headaches too; and I hate buying the medicine.

I also hate having to cover a new spring top with a jacket.