Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today's Injury

I should have made a bet with someone about Keri's daily injuries. You will never guess what today's injury is. She came up to me and pointed to a bump on her face and said, "Mom I have a pimple or something on my face and it hurts really bad when I try to pop it". I love my kid, but I DO NOT pop bumps. Gross! I have tried to teach her and her sister that popping bumps only makes them worse.

They are having a talent contest at her school. They call it "Name-of-her-school Idol". She and some of her friends have put together some kind of singing and dancing routine. They have backup singers, but she informed me today that the DJ quit. But she says they found a replacement. This stuff really cracks me up!


HW said...

My daughter is preparing for a talent show too. Last year they did a spoof of American Idol. This year a group she ane her friends are doing a version of "Stomp." Should be interesting.

Karen Deborah said...

Tigger has some hideous daily pain, it's actually a miracle that she is alive. That she wakes up each morning and gets out of bed is a big deal considering all her "painin all over."

If I was the offender, none intended, and to no one personally. I don't recall calling anyone out, just stated my views. Abortion IS a very controversial subject.
Please accept my apology.