Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Susie Homemaker

I am getting back into a regular routine after finishing school. Which I may have mentioned previously. I figured that once I got back into the swing of things that I would spend leisurely time on the couch, engrossed in a good book or watching TV, or reading and/or updating my blog. I would have SO MUCH extra time on my hands, that I would hardly be able to decide on what fun activity I should do.

Wrong.........wrong, wrong, wrong. There is always something to do. Laundry must be done so it doesn't pile up by the weekend. Lunches must be prepared for the next day. Dinner must be cooked. The dishes from dinner must be dealt with. The showers need to be cleaned. After all, I don't want a repeat of what happened on vacation. End tables and coffee tables must be cleaned. Floors must be vacuumed. This list goes on, and on, and on, and on. Not that I am one to complain mind you. UUmmmm......no one told me about this. This endless list of things around the house, that for some reason have to be done on a regular basis. I mean, you would think once something is done, it's done. That doesn't seem to be case. For some reason, I find myself having to do the same chores I did last week.....again. Very strange.


HW said...

There is some principle that states "The work to be done always expands to fill the time alloted for said work?" Is it the Peter Principle?
Anyway, that's what's happened here, in my expert opinion.

Oh, and cleaning house while the kids are still home is like shoveling snow in a blizzard. Maybe you should just do the essentials.

John said...

You should try to find some time each day to do something for youself that you enjoy, too much work and stress and not enough rest can make you sick. Besides if Mom's happy everybody is happy. Don't the girls help you with the chores?