Thursday, April 3, 2008

Phone Etiquette (Or Lack Thereof)

Have you ever noticed that your kids don't have anything to say to you ALL day long until you get on the phone? I can go all evening without being on the phone. My kids have NOTHING to say to me until I get a phone call. They are not small children either. They are 9 and 16. Are they jealous of the phone? I am just supposed to be available to talk to them at all times and never talk to anyone else?

Tonight was a prime example of this. I didn't get or make any phone calls until around 9pm. Keri was on the computer and taking a bath, Melissa was on the computer some and talking on the house phone. Neither one of them wanted anything to do with me until I got on the phone. Then here comes Keri(my 9 year old). She sees that I am on the phone but begins talking anyway. She says something like this, "Mom, have you been playing my Gameboy? I was on this level but when I cut the game on it took me to a different level, and now I have to beat that level to back to where I was". UUmmmm.......and you had to interrupt my phone call to ask me that? When it's your bed time anyway? Is the world going to stop turning over the Gameboy saga? I.Think.Not. Melissa will do it to. She will just walk up to me and start telling me some random story about some person at school or something.

She sees that I am on the phone. Obviously she feels that whoever I am talking to supernaturally felt her presence and shut up immediately after she began talking. Her little story goes something like this. "Mom, something is wrong with my stomach. Today in English class my stomach just started growling really loud. The girl next to me said, Dang girl are you hongry? I think I need to see a doctor".

OK. I was home for THREE HOURS. No one had anything to say to me the entire time. Everyone was off doing their own thing. Until I get on the phone. Then suddenly everyone wants my undivided attention. Or maybe they think that because I have two ears that I am capable of following two conversations AT THE SAME TIME!!! Not that I am irritated by it or anything. I love the challenge of trying to talk to three people at the same time. I love telling the person that I am talking to that they need to repeat the whole paragraph they just said because I was distracted by Gameboy and a growling stomach issue.Yep, that's how I roll.


HW said...

Oh yeah. My kids do it too. I try to just keep hiding from them -you know going from room to room until they forget about me. If that doesn't work, I do the nasty look/finger snap. You have to make eye contact with them and then purse your lips and make your eyes really big as if your head's about to explode; and then start snapping your fingers while swinging your arm wildly. This very sophisticated gesture is supposed to say "I'm gonna blister your butt if you don't shut up."

Even my dog does it. She whines really loud by the treat box, when I'm on the phone because she knows I'll give her one to shut her up.

Maybe I should be giving dog treats to my kids?

Swistle said...

Ha ha! My kids, too. I was dealing with a company about a return I needed to make, and they were INSISTING that it HAD to be dealt with on the phone instead of on email. And I could not see ANY way to make that happen: third grader and first grader talking to me, toddlers talking to me, baby crying, cats meowing.

Susiewearsthepants said...

HW-So, I need to purse my lips, bug my eyes out, and wave frantically with my hands? mmmmmm.....that's my normal expression. Just kidding-love your humor!

Swistle-All those kids and animals! You brave, brave woman!

Sullins' Spot said...

Ha! That's awesome! I have 3 young ones and they ALL do that! Love your blog! Thanks for coming to mine!

John said...

It's like the my ball syndrome, you know two kids will be playing all day long and the ball will just be sitting there. the minute one wants to play with it the other said "that's my ball I want to play with it" You can be sitting around the house all day long and say nothing the minute you get on the phone,"That's my Mommy I want to talk to her" I like those old style phone booths where you can close the door, sit down and turn on the exhaust fan and be in your own little world.