Monday, January 19, 2009

Disrespect Via Text

Let's explore the world of the exclamation point , shall we? In this new age of texting, I think puncuation is very important. Especially when one is texting one's teenage daughter. I had to work last night and Melissa had gone to hang out with some friends. As the time for me leave drew near I sent her a text, which read:

My text: u know i have to work 2nite right?

Melissa: yes mom at 6!

What does this exclamation point say to you? To me, it says ATTITUDE. How dare she exclamation point me! Who does she think she is anyway? I think the text she sent me should included a nice smiley face at the end. Let's see how that looks:

My text: u know I have to work 2nite right?

The hypothetical Melissa text: yes mom at 6 :)

See, that looks much better.

Later I sent her this text:

My text: no exclamation points EVER!!!!

You too should ban your children from giving you the exclamation point. I mean what comes after that? Them giving you the finger.......



Mental P Mama said...

Oh, yes. Let's start a club!!!!!

Astarte said...

I agree - exclamation point = text finger. Absolutely. !!!

John said...

That's what I always thought the
exclamation point is the finger

HW said...

Absolutely no exclamation point. And no caps unless grammatically correct.

Melissa said...

This blog makes me laugh :)