Sunday, January 18, 2009

Was I Always This Wimpy?

Today my daughter made one more step in crossing the threshold into being a "big" girl. It brought tears to my eyes which I had blink away, otherwise be humiliated in a public place. Keri and I set off to Wal Mart this afternoon in search of food for our empty cupboards. Keri had her cell phone so I gave her permission to look around a bit. I did instruct her to scream, hit, bite, or punch anyone who might try to steal her away.

I told her I would be up and down the food isles. A few minutes later she called me to tell me that ear piercing is FREE with the purchase of a pair of earrings. It's something we have talked about but never gotten around to. Maybe deep down I didn't want her to get her ears pierced. I stopped mid grocery shopping to go over to the jewelry counter and see how serious she was. She was pretty serious, and scared out of her mind. She was so afraid her hands were shaking. I told her if she really wanted to get her ears pierced that I would let her.

I swear the kid just about passed out from fear. As the very nice Wal Mart employee neared her head with that gun, she shrank away in fear. This lady was not about to be thwarted. She smoothly and quickly poked a hole in each one of my daughter's ears. I could feel that this was a big moment in her ten year old life. I could feel that this was a big moment in my 33 year old life. What's next I ask you? Puberty, pimples and boys are right around the corner. Do I HAVE to go through this yet again? I finally feel like Melissa is in the clear and past the hating me stage. I think we have a pretty close mother-daughter relationship. Now Keri will begin slipping away from me for a few years.

Sure it might not happen today, but it will happen. What's fair about your kids growing up? Nothing much I tell you. You nurture and love them for all those years. Then one day you are just expected to cut those apron strings and release them into the world, having little or no say in the choices they make. I know they will both still be my daughters, but my control over their lives will be gone. They will be free to make their own stupid choices, when clearly I will still know what's best for them. Ear piercing is just the beginning, I can feel it. Where is a nice big bottle of liquor when you need it?


Astarte said...

Josie just got her second hole done. She's been wanting it for quite awhile, and after her awful day at school last week, I let her do it. It seemed like such an adult thing to do, a second hole. I mean, most kids have one, but getting a second when none of her friends have one is really a step into marking your own personality. I definitely felt it was a big deal.

Karen Deborah said...

glad to see your back. It's hard when the youngest goes through these rites of passage. Reassuring to know that all of them act like they hate us and eventually get over it.

Mental P Mama said...