Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Caved Like The Weakling I Am

Let me tell you a tale of Christmas. A tale of the electric scooter that almost didn't happen.

Once upon a time, there was a sweet(if slobby) little girl named Keri. One day, a friend of hers showed up at the door with a shiny new scooter. It was an electric scooter. Upon seeing this beautiful new contraption, Keri decided that she simply must have one. After all, her friend had one. Everyone knows that you simply must have whatever your friends have....right?

Keri had a sweet, kind, gentle, loving, wonderful mother. Her mother worked two jobs to provide a decent life for her children. Keri decided that she simply must convince  her mother Santa Claus that she really needed to have the beautiful, shiny electric scooter. Her first plan of attack idea, was to include it on her Christmas list ensuring that her mother Santa Claus would see her heartfelt request. Her second plan of attack idea was to be sure and mention VERY frequently how much she wanted the beloved EC (electric scooter).

So, her mother Santa Claus began researching this electric scooter. She compared styles, colors and prices. She also read quite a few customer reviews. Much to her dismay, many people expressed dissatisfaction with the EC. Apparently, some customers had to replace the battery within months of purchasing the EC. The replacement battery costs approximately $100 to replace.

Her mother Santa Claus was very dismayed about the battery failing. It was decided between her mother and Santa Claus that purchasing the EC would be a waste of money. She felt that Keri would enjoy getting more presents as opposed to one big present and a few smaller ones. Keri had to be told. But how do you go about crushing a girl's dreams anyway? Shouldn't Christmas be a magical time of year when anything is possible?

Once the decision was made, Keri's mother tried to tell Keri gently that she would not be getting an electric scooter for Christmas. After all, it was now a few days before Christmas and possibility of finding one was pretty remote. Keri had one last idea to convince her mother and Santa that she HAD to have the electric scooter. She very cleverly brought out the "big guns". During one of the discussions regarding the EC, Keri looked at her mother with her sad, beautiful eyes and said, "If you don't have enough money, you can use some of the money that Grandma Tina sent for Christmas".

At that moment, her mother realized that Keri's Christmas would be ruined if she didn't get an electric scooter. The devastation would be heard about for years to come. But what could she do? It was now TWO DAYS before Christmas Eve. How would she ever find one that quickly? First she checked the internet and found that the shipping charges were outrageous. Her mother couldn't afford to buy the scooter and pay the shipping charges too.

Luckily for Keri, she had an aunt a Christmas fairy looking out for her. Her mother called a local toy store and found out they had ONE in stock, but they wouldn't hold it. When her aunt the Christmas fairy found out about this, she stepped in to help. She had her boyfriend one of her helpers pick up the electric scooter for Keri. What a wonderful aunt Christmas fairy to drop everything and get this magnificent present for Keri.

To end this beautiful Christmas story, on Christmas morning Keri found a brand new shiny EC under the tree just for her. She was so happy. On a side note, her mother did allow Keri to partially pay for this grand present as it was pretty expensive. Now Keri and her friend happily ride their scooters together.

The End

OK, OK, I caved like the big weak, mushy, sappy parent that I am. She wanted that darn scooter SO BADLY.  I prepared myself for the fact that I may have to replace the battery in a couple months, but it will be worth for the joy on Keri's face. Keri doesn't get everything she wants throughout the year. "No" is more frequent than "yes" in our house. I just think Christmas should be  a time when the impossible becomes possible. After all, that was the day that Mary gave birth to her miracle Son, Jesus.


Laura said...

We did the same this year!! Cameron got what he wanted not neccessarily what was practical or needed!!!

But its once a year they get to be a little spoilt!

Merrie said...

That's a great perspective -- there should be one miraculous time of year when the kids can spoiled for once. "No" is big in our house, too, and it was nice getting to do something over the top fun for once.

Mental P Mama said...

I would have done the very same thing. Love it!

E said...

And she will hold this memory forever...the year that mama was impractical and made sure her dream came true. Lovely little Christmas miracle you made happen here...

HW said...

If you can't cave at Christmas time, then what's it all about?

I like what you said - Christmas is when the impossible becomes possible.

I've done my share of caving over the years. Consider the two ipod touch gizmos in our house right now. But oh how happy the little ones are.

Great story.

Astarte said...

I am almost in tears!!! You are exactly right. How wonderful for you all - her for getting it, and you for being able to give it. I think it was good to let her help pay for it, too - she'll respect it more and be more understanding of what it takes to give and own those kinds of gifts.