Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Envy and Mean Mama

Have you ever had a week or two that just sucked? That's what the last two weeks around here have been like. I got a scratch on my eye and had to go the eye doctor. He charged me 60 bucks to tell me to wear my glasses for a couple of days until my eye healed.
1. I already had the sense to take out the contacts.
2. He charged me 60 bucks to tell me to take out the contacts.
3. Then he wanted me to come back the next day so he could charge me ANOTHER 60 bucks to "check" on my eye.
4. I thought this was a complete waste of time and money and I did not go back the following day.
5. Couldn't he have just told me over the phone to take out my contacts?
6. He charged me 60 bucks to tell me to take out the contacts.

I screwed up my checking account and bounced checks left and right. I have another question. Why will the bank continue to approve transactions on your check card if you don't money in your account? I'll tell you why. So they make another buck off of you.

One of the cell phones on my account broke. I bought the phone less than a year ago so it was still under warranty. I took the phone to the cell phone company. Guess what. No, really guess. They didn't have a replacement model in the store. They had to have it sent FedEx. Someone had to be there to sign for it or they would send the phone back to the warehouse. I had it sent to my work to ensure it was signed for. The replacement phone I got was all beat up and looked ten times worse then the one I already had.

I was already feeling stressed and irritated. Throughout the day the more I thought about it, the more I seethed. After I got off work I called customer service and complained. The CS representative asked me if there was anything wrong with the phone. I told him I didn't think so, but I take care of my phones and I don't want a phone that looks like someone slammed it on a sidewalk a few times. He suggested I try ANOTHER store location to see if they had a suitable replacement on hand.

I did. They CS rep in the store had not one ounce of friendliness in his entire body. Do you remember the Visine commercial where the very boring, bland guy says in a monotone, "Visine. It. Gets. The. Red. Out. I swear I think this guy works for my cell phone company now.

I was able to get a suitable replacement. It really irritates me that you buy a phone, it breaks, and they act like giving you a decent phone is going to send them into bankruptcy. I spend a great deal of money on cell phones. We have a family plan that includes three phones. The least they could do is send me a decent phone.

Then, a couple of days ago I was getting in Sissy's car and whacked the side of my head on the side of her car. It hurt so bad I felt it all the way down to my jaw. Sissy laughed at me. She laughed at me. I was VERY irritated. I told her it isn't nice to laugh at someone when they are really hurt.

Last night I went over to my sister's house and stayed until about 11 pm. I got home and realized I had left my house keys at her house. I gave up. I drove back across town and just slept on her couch.

My toilet is broken. It leaks water out the back unless you keep the water turned off. I'm broke. I keep hurting myself and I have Christmas light envy. I drive all through my neighborhood and look at all the beautiful outside lights that everyone has put up. Do we have any outside lights? Nope. No inflatable Santa. No inflatable snowman, or reindeer, or elves. No candy canes. No wreath. No garland. I do have some very pretty stuff INSIDE THE HOUSE. WHERE NO ONE can see it. There are a couple of reasons for my being Christmas light challenged.

1. I have NO IDEA how to go about stringing up Christmas lights.
2. I just can't seem to bring myself to spend the extra money on outside decorations.
3. This is because I have bounced checks all over town and I had to pay 60 bucks to the stupid eye doctor who told me to take out my contacts.
4. I am afraid of heights. Even if I did buy the stuff, I think I would hyperventilate if I got up on a ladder.

I have NO clean clothes to wear. My laundry is piled up to the ceiling. This semester is coming to a close and I am up to my eyeballs in school work. I actually left my house today wearing a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt. I have not left my house this dressed down in years. I think it is some kind of single woman phenomenon. I feel like I should at the very least, be wearing a pair of jeans and a cute sweater every time I leave the house. Not today. My family was actually shocked to see me dressed this way. I will say that sweatpants are very comfy. And warm. I might start dressing like this more often. Wouldn't I just be a crazy and wild woman?

Because I am a LITTLE stressed, every little annoying thing is really getting on my nerves. I was going in to work and dropped a couple of things I was carrying. I thought, "That's just great, one more thing going wrong in my life". Isn't it funny how something so stupid can bother you when you are stressed? I confess to being a little on the melodramatic side lately.

On a lighter note, I went to my sister Marlette's house today. We were talking about games we played as kids. One of the games we played was called Mean Mama. The idea is that one kid has a belt and chases all the other kids through the house, hitting anyone who gets too close. I don't mean little taps with the belt. I mean as hard as you can. We thought this was fun. What kind of sick, demented kids play a game like that? Couldn't we have played a nice game of Go Fish? Or Monopoly? I really don't know what was wrong with us. We were really strange yet today, when we were reliving playing that game, we thought it was pretty funny. I was going to break some of this up into more than one blog. Due to my constant procrastination, if I do not blog about all of it now, it will never get done.


HW said...

I was having a bad day yesterday. Well, I THOUGHT I was having a bad day, unti I read your blog.
I was pulling pages out of a Bible coloring book for my Sunday school class and I actually sat down and colored two pages. I actually began to relax and smile.
Seriously. Grab a color book and crayons (you have a young daughter right? Use her as your excuse) and color. It will relax you.
Other than that...I got nothin'.

I've done the overdraft thing before-I think we all have. It seems to take forever to catch up. And the banks are no help at all.
Sorry you're having such a rough week.
I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Things are looking up. My sister is going to help me get out of the hole. Thank God for sisters! That relieves about 75% of my stress.

KC said...

Wow! What a blog. I knew this stuff but it's interesting reading about it. Hang in there. Trials are just for a season. Love ya.