Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday(A Few Days Early) Sissy!

Now that I finished the absolute last of my school work for this semester, I can get on with the really important things. Like updating my blog. (Snicker) Yesterday was Sissy's sweet 16 party. We a fun day planned of bon fires, hay rides, and a marshmallow fight. (I'll explain later). We started off running behind a little bit. What do you expect when you have four females who have to get ready to go. It took about two hours for all of us to get ready to go.

First on our agenda was to pick up the cake.

Yes, she really wanted a Winnie The Pooh cake. We also had to pick up a few other items for the party. I dropped Sissy off at my dad's house, then went out for some last minute birthday surprises. Ok, Ok, I didn't even have the cash to go in her card. I had to run by the bank and withdraw the money. One of my favorite department stores is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from my bank. I simply HAD to go over there and see if I could find something special for Sissy.

I found a beautiful ring for her, which I just realized I do not have a picture of. Oh well. We knew the weather forecast was calling for rain, but we hoped it would hold off until after the party. No such luck. My dad had no more than started the bon fire and it started raining. To his credit, he lit that fire and that sucker burned all evening long.

I believe I mentioned a hay ride earlier. Alas, no such luck there either. It was just too wet. We also planned on cooking hot dogs over the fire. We did have hot dogs, and there was a fire but it was too rainy to cook outside.

I also planned on having a big red bow for Sissy's car. Not only could we not find one, even if we was too rainy.

So let's recount all the things that were supposed to happen:

1. Hay ride-nope
2. Cook hotdogs outside-nope
3. Big bow for the car-nope

The children did get have the marshmallow fight, but they had it in the rain. My sister Marlette and her husband bought PVC pipe. They cut it into sections. Then you put your marshmallow in one end of the pipe and blow it out the other. It stings. Really. I tried to play but all my marshmallows wimpily fell to the ground without hitting anyone.(yes I know that wimpily is not a word) Not even the smallest child there. Who I tried to hit. After a few minutes of this I gave up and went in the house.

We ended up cooking our hotdogs in the microwave, putting a movie on for the kids in the living room, and making the best out of it. Alicia wasn't feeling well, Dejah was in a bad mood, Marlette was in a bad mood. I will say that once everyone arrived they were able to put aside the frustrations of the day and enjoy the party.

I tried to post pictures of everyone. However, there are only 24 hours in one day. I have posted all the pictures I have the patience to post tonight. This is the down side to having such a large family. It takes forever to try to include everyone. I told Sissy I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings. She said and I quote, "I would put the pictures on there that you want, if anyone wants their picture on there, they can make their own blog".

Family members: I have uploaded all the photos to if you would like to see more pictures or order prints. Contact me for username and password information.

In summary, Sissy had a wonderful birthday, despite the weather. All the people that love her the most were there. It meant so much to both of us for everyone to show up, in light of the fact that the day got off to such a rough start for everyone. That's one thing about coming from a poor family, you learn to improvise. Most of my smart mouth comments about the weather are in jest and I am not truly upset about least not today.

Happy Birthday Sissy, I love you.


HW said...

Ah, Sweet Sixteen. You've given your daughter a precious memory.

Happy Birthday to her.

Anonymous said...

Tell her Happy Bday from me as well and tell that old bald headed man I said it was good to see him!


Susiewearsthepants said...

Ben-LOL I will be only too happy to relay the message!