Monday, December 10, 2007

Susie Wimpy Pants

If I didn’t know better, I could read my own blog and think that I have mood swings.( If you compare my most recent blogs with this one.) I am not sure what is happening to me. I find myself with an over abundance of holiday cheer. I sing Christmas songs. I bake cookies. I light candles. (I just bought myself a FABULOUS Yankee candle that smells like sugar cookies) I watch sappy Christmas movies.

I cry because I am so happy. I cry because I got an email from my older brother who I hardly ever talk to. I cry because the girls will have a good Christmas. Pretty much everything does me in. These are not heart wrenching sobs. Just tears that leak out of the corners of my eyes. Maybe if I had one good cry, I could dispense with all the mini sessions. On the other hand, I don’t think there are very many people that have so much joy in their lives that they cry.

Finding The Presents

The DQ spent the night with a friend on Friday night. I had done a little shopping over my lunch hour. I went home to wrap my purchases, but I didn’t have a gift box the right size. Since The DQ wasn’t home I didn’t put the bag with her stuff in it away. She came by later to pick up her Gameboy. She found the bag and looked in it. Luckily for me, it was just a pair of pajamas and some underwear.

I CAN’T be the only person to ever carelessly leave something out and have someone find it. Sissy caught me a while back with a camera I was thinking of giving her for Christmas. I didn’t give it to her for two reasons. One, she saw it. Two, because she saw it, the surprise was gone. If I give her an expensive gift like that, I want her to be a LITTLE surprised. So I kept the camera for myself. MMMMWWWWAAAAAAAA. I needed a new camera anyway. Merry Christmas to me. Merry Christmas to me.

The Missing Gift

I went shopping with my sisters over the weekend. It seems that when we get together there is a small amount of chaos. We are talking over each other. Sometimes we bicker. It’s like taking a couple of hyper kids out for the day. So as we are checking out at Wal-Mart we are talking and carrying on. We go back to our meeting spot and begin separating all the bags. I get home with my bags, and guess what my wondering eyes do not spot. THE ONLY THING that will be under the tree for me at my house on Christmas morning.

I have a very strange tradition. I usually buy a few things for myself and wrap them and put them under the tree. (Hey, I’m single, nuff said) Anyway, I am backtracking once again. My present is not anywhere. I go out to my trunk and double check. Nope. No present for Susie. I went over to my sister’s house to look in her trunk. Nope. No present for Susie. I called my other sister but she wasn’t home. Sister number 3 looked in the bags belonging to Sister number 2 for me while I had her on the phone. Nope. No present for Susie. I gave up. I had too much work to get done to deal with it.

Now I am picturing a very upsetting visit to the Wal-Mart. I will calmly explain that I did not walk out with two items I purchased. ( I checked the receipt) At which point, the Wal-Mart employees will laugh me out of the store and not give me my items because I have absolutely NO PROOF that I didn’t get the items in question. This was on Saturday. Sunday evening when I got in touch with Sister number 2. YES she tells me. She does have my missing items! Yay! Joy! Rapture! Sister number 3 will be kicked to the curb for an undetermined amount of time for this oversight. Shame on you sister! Shame.....


HW said...

My son was standing in my bedroom talking to me and glanced down into a shopping bag, got a sly grin on his face, and while he pulled out the new flannel pants, said "Are these mine?" Then as I sat speechless and cursing myself, he proceeded to put them on over his wrestling shorts.
I gave my daughter her (FAKE) UGGS early because she went to a movie with a friend and it was snowy and icey outside.
Oh, and my son found the virtual receipts for some of the gifts I ordered online, even though I was positive I had covered my tracks. I get the receipts and confirmations, forward them to my husband's office, then delete, delete, delete. Still he found some.
So yeah, I'm being outwitted every time I turn around.

Susiewearsthepants said...

LOL-That's hysterical. I was beginning to think I am a nitwit. Now I see the wily ways of children. The have present finding radars!