Monday, December 17, 2007

To Believe Or Not To Believe

OK, I have a question. What do you do when you are a single working mother, your kid MAY be sick and need to be picked but you aren't sure? The DQ called me at work today and told me she wasn't feeling well. This is an issue for two reasons. One. It takes 30 minutes to get to her school from where I work. Then thirty minutes back to the office. Two. We have auditors in this week so it is a REALLY bad time for me to be out of work.

Sissy has exams this week, and is getting out of school early all this week. For today, I picked up The DQ and dropped her off at home and went back to work. I don't mean to sound insensitive but it does seem pretty strange that she doesn't feel well when she knows her sister is home early from school. She is not running a fever, nor is she vomiting. She says she just feels nauseous. Of course, if I ate a whole can of Progresso chicken noodle soup followed by a piece of cheesecake, and some chocolate, I would feel sick too.

See my dilemma. If she REALLY does feel bad, then I am a horrible mother for worrying about what is going on at work, and the gas I am wasting driving back and forth across three towns. Now, if she is faking, I am VERY upset that I drove through three towns, missed some important work time, and wasted gas.

Let's face it. At one point or another most kids fake being sick to get out of school. We as parents are required to possess the skills and knowledge to know the difference. Apparently I missed that parenting gene. Not only that, but after being a mother for sixteen years now, illness does not really phase me. I know the difference between a stomach virus, colds, strep throat and all that fun stuff. OK, the kid feels nauseous. Every time I think about how high my insurance is getting ready to skyrocket, I feel nauseous too. Big deal. I think the giveaway here is the fact that while The DQ was whining and moaning about feeling bad, she did consume the above mentioned items.

I am glad we talked about this. The final answer is that unless she produces a fever or actual vomiting before morning......she will be going to school!

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