Friday, February 1, 2008

Bad Mother Day

We have an issue. A couple of days ago, The DQ came to me and told me that none of her jeans fit. She said that they ALL got shrunk in the dryer. This made me feel horrible. What kind of mother shrinks all her kid's clothes in the dryer? Now she has nothing to wear. This conversation escalated because I was ready to walk out the door and she wasn't even dressed yet. I told her she had to wear something. After all, I can't just make new clothes appear out of thin air. She yelled at me. That's right, the nine year old brat kid yelled at me.

She was punished for yelling. I got to work and started feeling terrible about the way our day started off. I started thinking about the shrunken clothes. Here is the conversation I had inside my head:

"I cant believe I shrunk ALL of her jeans. What kind of mother doesn't know how to wash clothes without shrinking them? I don't even dry them on high heat. Wait a minute. Surely I did not shrink EVERY SINGLE pair of jeans she owns. In fact, I bet she is having a growth spurt. THAT'S IT!!!! I didn't shrink her clothes...DUH! She is outgrowing them."

The fact that it took me half a day to realize that I hadn't shrunk her clothes is hilarious to me. I was really thinking that I shrunk her clothes. Now I am stuck with the dilemma of having two children who are going to need whole new wardrobes. Goodbye tax money, goodbye...........It was nice to see you for a brief fleeting moment.

An anonymous commenter recently stated that I think the world revolves around me, and that I even think Wal-Mart employees should be nice to me. How dare I think that customers should be treated with respect? I don't think I am the ONLY customer that should be treated nicely. I would also like to point out that blogs are about the people that write them. I think everyone should have the right to blog about whatever they want. HW-your blog is about you and your family. (By the way you are an excellent writer) I also read this blog.

It is about a mother and HER family. Why? Because it is HER blog.

It was also stated that I should not write about IUD's or PMS. Am I the only one who has PMS? Am I the only woman who has ever used birth control as a mood stabilizer? Is it illegal to talk about these things? I was not crude or graphic in my blog. See for yourself. Frankly I feel it is my civic duty to mankind to report my moodiness.

At any rate, we are off to a birthday party for Matthew today.(He is the proud father of baby Isaiah). I am sure I will come home with some really cute pictures to post. I hope all my peeps near and far have a lovely weekend. Oh I almost forgot. Since I am so self centered, I have come up with a new idea. If anyone has any topics that I need to blog about please let me know. I want to make sure I get plenty of variety in here..............maybe world hunger, or the state of the economy?......let me know.

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Anonymous said...

I have read some of your blogs.Thats wear I got to really thinking that you really think the world revolves around you. Everyone in Wal-mart better to this woman. Every one at school better be just the way she thinks they should be. You really sound like a very self-centered person.
You have fun now you here...ha,ha,ha.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should go back and read ALL of her blogs before you start running your mouth and passing jugdment. Sounds to me like you're just trying to start trouble.If you don't like her veiws on things why even bother reading them. And, your right, everyone at Wal-mart should treat her better and everyone else for that matter.If you serve the public it does'nt matter if you've had a bad day or whatever,your customers are your main concern.You can not let your problems effect your job.If it does,you need to find another line off work.You don't work at Wal-mart do you? BW

HW said...

Ok, where did I miss all these nasty comments before?

Self centered? A single mother working AND going to school to give her two daughters a better life than she had is self centered? Expecting a cashier to be polite to you is self centered?

Um....I don't get it.

And this has bothered me so much, I wrote a whole post about the "Nasty Anonymous Commenter" over on my blog. Perhaps I'll start a series about other such troublesome things - like migraines and canker sores, since they're all kinda the same....

Thanks for plugging my blug.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Thanks BW-Big brothers are so great.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Thanks to you too HW

KC said...

I think that it is so funny that people hide behind the anonymous name and smack on people for writing a blog about themselves. Uh, hello!! Here's a clue for some of you... You came to read about that person and their life. If you don't like it, I'm fairly certain that no one makes you come read it.
I am very curious if the first anonymous above is the same woman anonymous from a few posts back that was defending the poor person that was being attacked? yeah right. Some people are so good at projecting the innocent victim card and it just gets old after a while.
Kudos to you Susie for taking a stand.

John said...

susiewearsthepants is the most self-less person I know, maybe on the planet! If anonymous # 1 read her blogs then he or she should be able to see that