Thursday, February 21, 2008

Joy and Rapture!

I have edited this blog. I find myself feeling ashamed of myself. All this obsessing and fretting and blogging about my new car saga. I confess I didn't do the one thing I should have done. Take it to God. Pray about it. Ask Him to help me. Ask His advice. I listened to a teaching last night on my Ipod about having a better relationship with Him. The teaching was by Joyce Meyer. She was saying how God wants to be involved in EVERYTHING we do. All the decisions we make. Even the seemingly small ones. I am not setting a good Christian example by fretting over a stupid car. If it's His will, then everything will work out the way HE intends. Not necessarily the way I want it to. Knowing that, how can I even be worried about it? I am not going to delete my original blog. I want to be able to reflect upon my own silliness.

Does anyone know how to spell halleluyah? That doesn't seem right to me. I have been having major spelling issues lately. Oh well. I digress. HALLELUYAH!!!! My tax refund is scheduled to be deposited on Friday. The excitement is overwhelming. One. I have a few last minute things to take care of for the baby shower. Two. Sissy has some work that REALLY needs to be done to her car. Three. Isn't it just fun to get some extra money for no reason?

The joy, the happiness. Oh-sorry, didn't mean to get carried away. Anyway, I am really glad the I turned down the car deal from a few days ago. I found the same car for several thousand dollars less and a lower interest rate at another dealership. I may not get that one either, but at least I know there are better deals out there.

I have been waiting ever so impatiently for my refund. Now that it will be here in a couple of days, I find myself not feeling very rushed at all to get into another vehicle. How twisted is that I ask you?!


The DQ stayed home from school today. She has been battling a sore throat. I didn't want to take any chances. She is not running a fever or having appetite loss. If she feels up to it, I wonder if it would be bad if we ran some errands today? We are having a baby shower for my other sister Dejah on Saturday. I still haven't wrapped any of her presents. It would be nice to run and get some gift bags and wrapping paper for her. At the very least I am going to utilize this day off to work on the house some more.

All these new babies are so exciting. Dejah, in typical Dejah fashion, hasn't settled on a name yet. She told me she was leaning towards Jacob. I wouldn't be surprised if she comes up with something completely different by the time he is born. The newest baby is due in Mid April. Dejah and I have a bet. She thinks she will have the baby in March. I don't. I think we bet $50 bucks on it.

Well, I am off to see how I can use this day off to get some things done...........and to say a lengthy prayer on all my shortcomings.

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