Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let The Shower Begin

I was too exhausted to blog yesterday after the baby shower. My day started at 7:30 am. On a Saturday. This was tragic, but I knew I had to get up early so that I could finish running around my house like a mad woman making sure my house was not a complete and total embarrassment. I THINK I succeeded. I didn't have time to get my room and the master bathroom cleaned. I figured that was fine. After all, no one needed to be in those rooms anyway. Right? Wrong! I'll get to that.

Marlette showed up around 10. I think. We began getting food ready and hanging up the decorations. After a while Dejah, the star of the show called. I am going to relay this story to the best of my abilities. She hasn't been into blogging much lately so I will ghost write for her. Her day got off to a rotten start. Her boys decided that the day of her baby shower would be the perfect time to act like little hellions. After tolerating this behavior for quite a while, she snapped. The boys were punished. She had to stop and feed them, then drop them off at their dad's, then get her nails done, and finally head over to my house. Her original plan was to stop and get the boys a slushie and let them pick out what they wanted to eat. Due to their unruly behavior at home, SHE picked out their lunch and made them drink water.

It's perfect. I never would have thought of that. I get the principle though. She was not going to reward them with slushies for unacceptable behavior. After dropping them off and getting her nails done, she arrived at my house just around 1. I was worried that with all the morning drama she would be in a bad mood. I think she probably snapped out of it after she got rid of dropped off the boys.

So the shower got under way.

We wanted to have the baby's name put on the cake, but Dejah has not decided for sure on a name yet.

The first game we played was putting popsicle sticks between your knees and trying to drop them in a bucket. Whoever got the most popsicle sticks in a minute was the winner.

I am telling you, this is harder than it looks.

Of course the fun for Dejah is she didn't have to play. She could just sit and laugh at the rest of us.

This is off the subject, I don't know if you can see the hideous gray color on my wall. Dejah is a painter and has agreed to paint my living room. Hopefully before the baby is born, but only if she feels up to it.

We had a great time. Of course I love any excuse for a family gathering. We can't wait for the arrival of little Jacob?Connor?Paul?Graham?

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