Friday, February 15, 2008

My Obsession

I have officially turned into a nut. I have never been more desperate to get my tax refund in all my life. I HATE sharing a car. (No offense Sissy). I have spent the past several weeks agonizing over first, what brand of car and then over what model. I made up my mind only to change it again. Then after I changed it the second time, I changed my mind a third time. First I was shopping for a Civic. Next it was the Honda CRV, now it is a Toyota RAV4.

I am so sick of looking at cars, checking prices of cars, looking at cars some more. I JUST WANT TO GET MY MONEY AND BUY A FREAKIN' FLIPPIN' CAR. Having time to carefully consider what choice to make is not neccessarily a good thing for me. I have never considered myself a wishy-washy person. Maybe I was wrong. I even have a three ring binder which contains internet printouts of all the vehicles I have been looking at. Then I created an Excel spreadsheet which contains what brand the vehicle is, what the year is, sale prices, mileage, and the name of the dealer. This way, at a glance I can compare vehicles and prices. I mean, is it really that complicated? Is it really worth all this effort?

I have NEVER spent so much time thinking about ANYTHING I have purchased. When I bought my Intrepid, I left my house that morning knowing that I would be coming home with a new vehicle. I didn't know what kind of vehicle. I really didn't have anything in mind except that I wanted more of a family vehicle. I went to the dealership, drove an Intrepid and bought it. I don't even think I test drove anything else.

Now I find myself comparing color, mileage, prices, brands, everything. I hesitate to type this next part, but here goes. I actually found myself wondering about cupholders. CUPHOLDERS PEOPLE!!!!! This is very disturbing to me.

The other downside to all this obsessing research, is that I am all jacked up. I can't wait to go shopping for my next car. I am SO excited. When I am driving around town I am looking at all the vehicles on the road, wondering what my next vehicle will be. Will I stick with the RAV4, or will I go back to the CRV? Could I possibly go another step backwards and end up with a Civic? Who knows?

This is what happens people, it starts by watching American Idol, next I will be an American Idiot. Incoherent, and unable to make the smallest decisions. I think I should pray.


HW said...

I think this is because you are an accountant.
My husband is a CPA and he researches things for MONTHS before we can buy something. I think the search is more enjoyable for him than actually getting the new thing. He loves his spreadsheets and his binders and folders and he loves to "crunch some numbers."
Me? I just say something like "Um...I want the blue one."

Susiewearsthepants said...

Alas you are probably right, I guess it will be my curse from now on-to obsess over the price of stuff. I have even been thinking recently about clipping coupons.