Monday, February 4, 2008

Ghetto Cars

Did you ever have one of those days where you have fifty things you are going to accomplish that day? If so, did you manage to finish all fifty? Not me. That was my day yesterday. I had planned all these things that needed to be taken care of, yet somehow I only got three things done on my list. I felt kind of bad about it but hey, what can you do?

My superior intelligence has once again shined like beaming star. After Sissy and I got home last night, her interior light in her car wouldn't go off. We shut all the doors again. Nothing. Using what I thought was a superior process of elimination, I determined that the passenger door on the driver's side was the problem. I tried opening and shutting the door repeatedly nothing. I called The DQ's dad to ask him what I should do to get the door to shut all the way. He suggested spraying WD 40 on the door.

I am a single woman. It was 10 at night and I had no WD 40. But guess what I did have. Pam cooking spray. I know, I know, that's pretty silly, but I was desperate. So I lubricated the door with my Pam. Still the stupid light wouldn't go off. After screwing around with the door for about thirty minutes, Sissy asked a question that changed the outcome of the night. She asked, "Are you sure that's the door that won't shut?". At this point I was ready to rip all the doors off the car and jump up and down on them in a fit of temper.

I went around to the other side of the car, and after messing with that door for a mere five minutes, the light went off. This is the problem with buying your daughter an older model car. While it's great for insurance purposes, it sucks stinks when the doors won't shut or the power windows give out or the cruise control stops working. Thankfully, the door is the only minor thing going out on Sissy's car. A couple of tips for single women or women in general.

1. WD 40 is probably a good thing to keep handy.

2. Always have the phone number of a friend, or family relation of the male species handy in case you need to ask an important question, like "How do I make that little light on the inside of the car go off?".

3. I am the worst for losing screwdrivers and other manly tools. I bought a screwdriver that has detachable heads. You can switch back and forth between a phillips head and a straight head with the flick of your wrist. (Phillips is the kind that looks like a star on the end. Straight is the kind that is well, straight on the end)

4. Flashlights girls, you should always have a couple of flashlights handy. That way if the interior light in your won't go off, you won't have to stand out in the dark trying to fix your door. I mean, IF something like that happens to you.

5. Never fail to ask any man that comes to your home to look at various things that may need repair. It could be your brother in law, or a family friend or even a baby daddy. For example, when The DQ's dad came down for Christmas, I didn't wait five minutes to ask him if he would look at my toilet. I am still reaping the rewards of that endeavor, as he fixed my toilet.

6. Men like to fix things, and let's face it, some of us womenfolk(namely me) are not mechanically inclined. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. My motto is, "There ain't no shame in my game".

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