Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Shout Out To My Peeps

While I am taking a break from plotting the demise of the evil cell phone empire, I need to take a minute to make some shout outs. The first goes to Keri’s grandma in Michigan. Keri stayed with her on her trip and they had a blast. They went swimming and they shopped. One day she took all her granddaughters to the salon. They got their nails done, they got pedicures and hair cuts and styles. She also took Keri shopping for school clothes AAANNNDDD even sent some money home with her to buy school supplies and shoes. She took very good care of my baby and I am ever so grateful.

The next shout out is for Keri’s (ex)stepmother. She kept Keri for three weeks this summer. They had a blast doing all sorts of fun summer stuff. (Translation-I can’t remember what they did, but I am sure it was really fun) She is sending Keri a Target gift card so that Keri can buy a polka dotted backpack. The older Keri gets, the more particular she becomes. This year she has declared that only a polka dotted backpack will do. I thought this would be impossible at first. Through internet research, I discovered that Target carries a spotted backpack. The SM (stepmother) mentioned going shopping again for Keri this weekend. I told that the Target gift card was very much appreciated and she doesn’t need to do anything else. I’ll bet she goes anyway, that’s just how she is.

My last shout out is for my sister Dejah, who I MAY have mentioned a time or two. She is my unspoken favorite sister. OOPPSS…..did I just say that on here? Oh well, my local family doesn’t read my blog anyway. Speaking of which, isn’t it crazy that people that I have never met in my entire life read my blog, but my flesh and blood relatives don’t? Oh well, guess I should consider cutting them out of my vast estate when I die. I digress. So Dejah bought Keri some school supplies, and has allowed Melissa to babysit for her last week and this week. Melissa is using the money to update her wardrobe for school. What a big, big, help!

Now the irony. Did you know that the Michigan grandma is not even a blood relative? Did you know that NKD was adopted when was somewhere between 11-14? He was adopted by his uncle and his wife. His uncle who was married to his bio mom’s sister, then they divorced. Which means he was adopted by a relative who was not even a blood relative. Which means that Keri is no blood relation to them. Yet, she is treated as if she is. She was treated just like the other grandkids. Isn’t that really cool?

More irony. Obviously The SM is not a blood relation either. The SM’s parents have also treated Keri as if she were a blood grandchild. She has never been treated any differently than any of the other grandkids. I actually had to ask them to tone down the Christmas presents one year. It’s crazy I tell you. AANNNDDD even though The SM is now divorced from Keri’s dad, her and her family are still a part of Keri’s life. They always send her cards and gifts on holidays, they always remember her birthday. They genuinely love her.

All the aforementioned peeps making my job of raising two girls by myself, seem like it's not so much by myself. Thanks everybody!

This part is more sad than ironic. My mother is not that close to either one of my girls. I thought about what to say about that and I really don’t want to delve too deeply into that, so I will just leave it at that. Since I have been blogging about more people in my life and using code names for them, here is a list of the current players:

Susan-me….playing myself
Melissa-also playing herself-my 16 year old daughter (formerly known as Sissy)
Keri-also playing herself- my (almost) 10 year old daughter (Formerly known as The DQ)
NKD-Not Keri’s dad
TG-The Girlfriend
SM-The StepMother (Ex-stepmother as I am pretty sure she does not want to recognize any affiliation with NKD)


Astarte said...

It's so wonderful that they are all like that with the kids. I think it's true that we all cobble together families where we can, and that the families we pick are many times better than the 'real' ones.

My kids' local grandma definitely plays favorites. The older kids are IT, or were before one passed away and the other recently graduated high school, making her a little old to be the favorite anymore. My Josie is the next youngest, followed by nephew Brandon, my Joshua, my niece Katie and finally the new soon-to-be twins, ETA Dec. When we lived very close to the gp's, they never, not ONCE, offered to come over so we could go out, or even asked to spend time with our kids by taking them somewhere, etc. The older ones, who lived a lot further away at the time (about an hour), went to movies with them, spent literally a week a summer plus every other weekend with them, and they visited all the time. Our kids and our SIL's kids are o-u-t. I imagine that the older kids' mom, who is the one pregnant with the new twins at 45, will once again be the favorite parent with the favorite kids when they pop out. I don't mind for ourselves, but I'm glad we've moved further away from them, because Josie is old enough to notice now, and I think she was getting the idea. Suck.

Farrell said...

I think it speaks a lot for those people. The term "family" can include so many different kinds of people and fortunately does not have to rely on blood. Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who consider non-blood relatives more "family" like than blood relatives.
But as long as we all have someone or someones we CAN call family, I think we are doing OK:)

Godless Sunday said...

Go get em' tiger! Really squeky whell gets theh oil!!!! Fight.