Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Thrilling Conclusion

Yesterday my day really got off to a bad start. The rude principal at Keri’s school really got me worked up. The long and short of it is that I used to have a roommate. When the roommate moved out, we left all the utilities in her name. It just seemed easier that way. You know, deposits and all that jazz. The school system has put a new policy in place. The new policy states that you must provide a utility bill IN YOUR NAME as proof of residence.

I understand the reasoning behind this. I am sure some people would manipulate the system and falsify proof of residence to get their kid into a different school. I however, have been living in the same house for FOUR years. In the past I have sent in a credit card or bank statement as proof of residence. This year, that is no longer acceptable. Therefore I am in a bind. NONE of the utilities are in my name. This is what I was trying to explain to the principal yesterday when she very rudely told me she was busy and I would just have to figure it out on my own.

Figure it on my own is indeed what I did. I called one of the utility companies and asked what I needed to do to have the bill switched over to my name. It was surprisingly easy. I took some time off work and went up there yesterday afternoon. The ONLY thing I had to provide was my driver’s license. Which by the way has my ADDRESS on it. I didn’t even need to provide a copy of the bill or the account number. The lady made the effective date for July 18th. I took the paper to Keri’s school and the assistant principal signed off on it.

I admit to being extremely worked up over it yesterday. I don’t think I would have been as worked up if the principal had been more helpful and/or friendly. I don’t think I would have been worked up if the last couple of weeks had not been so stressful. Sometimes you don’t know what the straw that breaks the camels back will be. Did I mention I called the school board after I got off the phone with the principal? Well, I did. They were much more helpful and friendly. At any rate, I THINK this stupid “proof of residence” thing is over and done with.

The ridiculous part is that it was SO easy to have the bill switched over to my name. If I were REALLY one of these nefarious parents trying to scam the system, I would have pulled it off without a hitch. The school will not accept my driver’s license as proof of residence, yet that is all the utility company required. The whole thing was so bogus. I took the paper from the utility company to school, the assistant principal signed off on it and I was done. That's it. No big deal.

Why is that I always manage to get myself all worked up for nothing? I swear that the NEXT time I will remain calm. Then the next time rolls around and I get all worked up again. Thinking things like:

“What if they make me pick Keri up from school? What if they wont let her stay in school and she is emotionally traumatized? She likes school. She thinks her teacher is great this year. What if I can’t provide the proof of residence the school requires? Then Keri will fall behind. I will have to quit my job and stay home with her. She can’t stay home all day by herself. She is only ten years old. If I quit my job, we will have no money. We will be forced to live in a cardboard box and visit soup kitchens. Then social services will take the girls away from me. Then what would I do? Maybe I would really become the crazy cat lady. Lord help, anything but that.”

I know it’s not healthy to get all worked up like that and think things like that. My mind always wants to gravitate towards the worst-case scenario. Is this because of the way I grew up? I mean, the worst-case scenario was usually what happened when I was growing up. There was constant chaos and drama in my life. Maybe that’s why my mind goes there. Maybe it’s just a genetic part of my makeup. That could be it, I am just one of those people plagued by irrational fears. More than likely, I am just the crazy Misfit Mom.


harassedmomsramblings said...

I get worked up like this ALL THE TIME over EVERYTHING!

I irratate myself half the time and make the same promises you do! But next time rolls around and there I am slamming phones and shouting profanities!!

I have given up now!

Astarte said...

I'm glad that all worked out!!!! You didn't mention the telling-her-she-had-something-in-her-teeth-thing, but I hope you did it. Or even that you personally shoved something between her teeth for her!

I, too, get worked up over rudeness. There is very little else that I will freak out about, but having someone do a drive-by rude, or treat me like I'm stupid or beneath them, just gets my undies in a TWIST.

HW said...

I get stressed out over things like this all the time. Sometimes it's just that all the little things KEEP PILING UP and you just don't want to deal with one more thing.

Glad it's worked out.