Monday, August 18, 2008

The Weekend Arrives

There are many joys in having a large family. In a crisis there are more people to help out. There is always someone available to have lunch or go shopping with. There are more people to call and complain to when life sucks. Depending on the sport, you already have enough people for a whole team. If you need a favor, even if one person turns you down, you still have plenty of other people to ask. In my family, that applies, as long it’s not money you need. Your kids have more family members to get presents from. Which means you have better odds of getting what you really want. Just kidding…well, sort of.

There are some disadvantages also. Like trying to find a house big enough to accommodate family get togethers. The noise. The noise, noise, noise. Do you know how loud it is when that many people are all trying to talk at once? Well, it’s pretty loud I can tell you that. There is not a vehicle made that is large enough for all of us to be able to ride in one vehicle. Literally, it would have to be a school bus.

Friday night was my family birthday dinner. We all arrived at the restaurant, and we were escorted to a private dining room in back. The staff had not pushed any tables together. It was up to us to decide how we wanted to arrange the tables. This resulted in a couple of differences of opinions. One thought we should make an L shaped table. Dad thought we should do something different. I am not sure what his plan was, as I was never able to figure it out. At any rate this resulted in a ten-minute argument over how best to arrange the tables. Did I mention I was in a foul mood Friday? I was ready to cancel the whole friggin’ birthday dinner anyway.

After a few minutes of this nonsense, my sister and I sort took over and made a decision. It is so silly that something as simple as trying to line up tables for us to eat turns into a fiasco. Why? Because we ALL have opinions and ideas. We ALL think our way is the best way. We are ALL stubborn. Every.Single.Last.One of us. I don’t anyone of the seven children who is not stubborn. It amazes me that one person could produce seven stubborn offspring. I mean, what are the odds right? I fruitfully multiplied twice and I don’t think either one of my kids are particularly stubborn. What would we do in a real crisis situation? If it were life or death, we would all be dead before any kind of decision was made.

It all worked out fine. I think it was because my dad beseeched The Lord before we began eating to, “Let us enjoy a peaceful dinner”. The Lord heard his prayer and everyone was in harmonious agreement after that. I even got to eat crab legs.

Saturday was actually my birthday. My sister and I very wisely went out ALONE for a night of debauchery. We peacefully agreed and decreed to partake of a margarita or two….or a whole pitcher. As a general rule, I don’t drink. However, I find that as each birthday passes that I need something to dull my senses, if only for a short while. I am impressed to say that we partied for a mere $22.62. That total includes food. A 22-dollar tab is definitely a benefit of being alcohol intolerant. Sadly, we were unable to finish the whole pitcher due to our AI (Alcohol Intolerance).

There was no drinking and driving. I am a firm believer in getting a ride home after a night of debauchery. No need to tempt fate anymore than I already did with my wild partying. (A slight hint of sarcasm should be noted here) I did what anyone else would in this situation. I had my teenage daughter drive me home……..I know I know, hell in a hand basket, there’s where I’m headed.


Farrell said...

at least you got crabs, hehe!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

When we go to a restaurant with my husband's family, we have to rent an entire room. He is one of NINE kids, and all of them have kids except the youngest. So when we're all together from his parents to all the grandkids, there are 46 people. And NOW one of the grandkids is married and has a kid, so make that 48, ASSUMING no one brings a girl- or boy-friend. It is most definitely chaotic, to say the least.

HW said...

I'll be joining you in that hand basket. Last week my husband had a guys night out as a send off for a British co-worker who was returning to London after two years here. He took our 17-year old son along as the designated driver. Thankfully, one of the men had to be home early, and the rest were pretty mild. They even stopped at Dairy Queen on their way home for one last blizzard for the Brit. Wooo - really living it up.
See? Teenage drivers are good for SO many things.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh you wild thing, you! Happy belated birthday!

Susiewearsthepants said...

It never ceases to amaze me. The things I think you guys will really flip out over, like having my daughter drive me home, is like nothing. Very surprising.

Hell in a hand that right? It's not ham basket is it?
And if it is ,what does that mean anyway?

Anonymous said...

No, it's not ham! And,is it too late to wish you a Happy Birthday?!
Oh well, I'm going to anyway!


harassedmomsramblings said...

YAY you got your crab legs!!!!!

Big families are cool tho - drama and opinions and all! LOL we dont take mine out in public tho - my cousin bought a house that can now fit us all in on holidays - its safer that!

LOL at your daughter driving you home - you are teaching by example! Nothing wrong with that!!!

harassedmomsramblings said...

Just wanted to add - I have given you an award!!!