Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Madness

I know I keep telling ya'll how nutty I am. I just keep proving it OVER.AND.OVER. AGAIN. As I am sure by my constant complaining EVERYONE knows that I am taking three classes this semester. Now, most people with the sense God gave a billy goat, would NOT start a major house cleaning project, smack dab in the middle of all this chaos. But not me. I like to torture myself. I think I really just get off on it. I sit around and say to myself, "What can I do to add to the stress of my life. I just don't have enough to do. I need MORE PROJECTS to work on". So I decided to:
A. Clean out The DQ's room and give some of her old toys and stuffed animals to Goodwill.
B. Clean out the hall closet so I can use it for storage space.
C. Clean out all the drawers and doors in my living room and get rid of ALL the junk I have accumulated.

I made The DQ help me in her room. It was a complete and total disaster. I am not exaggerating. AT.ALL. We went through her three large tubs of stuffed animals and toys. After we went through everything. We had a whole tub and more stuff(crap) that wouldn't fit in the tub.

What to do. What to do. AHA! I bought my sister a stroller/car seat combo for her baby shower in a couple of weeks. I know. I will take the stroller and car seat out and use the box to put the excess crap in. I filled that box up. It was not a small box, see for yourself.

Now, in addition to chores A,B, and C, I now have chore D. Which is to assemble the stroller. Why? Because if I try to just put everything that goes with the stroller away, something will get lost. I assure you. So now, my daughter's room is a mess, my living room is a mess and I am trying to put a stroller together right in the middle of the mess. I am feeling good. I know I can put this stroller together. I am a single, independent woman. I take care of things myself. (I am chuckling as I type this statement, it's too much for me.)

OK, so the only tool required is a hammer. Guess what? I have absolutely no clue where there is a hammer in my house. I am sure I have one. I remember using it....... a couple of years ago. I sent The DQ and her friend to borrow a hammer. I successfully (with the help of Sissy, get the front wheels on.)

It took me THIRTY minutes to get the back wheels on. Why? Because the instructions indicate that after you slide the back wheels on the metal rod, you should hammer the little plastic piece on. By the way, did you know that if you hit a piece of plastic hard enough with a hammer that it will fly across the room and take out your daughter's eye? Neither did I. (She didn't really lose an eye, I just thought that sounded good) However, the plastic piece did fly across the room more than once. Every time I hit that tiny round plastic piece, one of three things would happen. It would fly across the room as previously stated, I would whack my fingers with the hammer, or it would just slide off at an angle.

I reached a point where I seriously considered taking that hammer, and beating that stroller into a thousand pieces. I restrained myself. Now I have a freakin' tornado in my house. The kid's room is a mess. I pulled everything out of every drawer in the house, looking for a hammer, and I am being defeated by a friggin' baby stroller.

Eventually, I prevailed. Now I have at least a truckload of junk to be hauled off. There were not enough hours in this day for me to get it all done. So now I have a big pile of junk sitting right in the middle of my dining/computer room.

Now this would not bother me except for the fact that I still have a sink full of dirty dishes, five loads of laundry, the floors need to be mopped, and it is 10:30 pm and I have YET to do the grocery shopping. Yep, sacrifices have to made. It looks like food is one of them for this week.


HW said...

Uhm...when you're done with those little projects, wanna come help me with my closets?

I'm just askin'!

P.S. These are the days when I think it would just be more pleasant to repeatedly hit myself in the head with the hammer...if I could find it.

Susiewearsthepants said...

LOL-Since I obviously DONT have the sense God gave a billy goat......sure! I can redo every closet in your house. I really think I need more projects anyway.

Sissy said...

I must get that from you then because I do that too. Like right now I'm cleaning my room, reading your blog, thinking about changing my myspace, and I need a shower lol.