Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where are the Comments?

For those of you who visit my blog(you know who you are) and don't leave comments. Here are the very difficult and tedious instructions:
1. Point your mouse over the word "Comments"
2. Click
3. A new box will open up. Scroll to the top of the new box and follow instructions.
4. Please note that you do not have to leave your name, or sign up for an account. You can have your identity protected, simply by leaving your comment as"Anonymous".

I know this is very difficult and time consuming, but hey......we all have to make sacrifices.


nananana07 said...

Sorry sweetie...I have been reading you blogs but most of the time I guess I just don't think of leaving a comment. But this was a cute blog...got my attention...lol
Well love to U and the girls. Nana

Anonymous said...

Hey!It works!!