Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Just Another Manic Friday

Why is it that I can get on this blog and write and write, yet when asked to write a paper for English class, my brain turns into a large mass of Jello, leaving me wide eyed and unable to come up with a single sentence? I would also like to know if I am the only parent that has a perpetually messy child. Let me set up the scene for you.(I am sure I have blogged about this before, but it's worthy of going over it....... yet again.) Yesterday, The DQ calls me at work and we have a conversation that goes something like this:

DQ: Mom, can I go home with my friend Libby tomorrow? We are going on a haunted hay ride and I will be back home on Sunday.

Me:(Inside my head of course: Yay! Joy! Happy Days! A free weekend!)

Me to DQ:Is your room clean? If you clean your room you can go.

DQ(Excitedly): OK, Mommy, I'll make sure my room is clean.

Now, she REALLY wants to go with her friend. I know she does. I am thinking that she has plenty of motivation to clean her room. When I get home from school last night......guess what? While the room is not a complete diaster, it is not clean . Here are some of my theories:

1. Her idea of clean and mine are not AT ALL the same.

2. She thinks that if she merely cleans a walkway through the bedroom that it is clean.

3. I am so old and blind that I will never notice that the room is not really clean.

4. I am so stupid that I will never notice that the room is not really clean.

Before I even have time to finish this blog my hopes are dashed. I arrived home from work a few minutes ago, sort of thinking that I might take a short nap. I walk in the house and The DQ is sitting on the couch. I ask her why she is not at her friend's house. Apparently the girl invited too many people and there was not enough room for her in the car. Sissy was also supposed to stay with a friend and that fell through too. Now I have both kids when I planned on having none, and Blogger has my computer stuck on italic. No matter what I do it won't go back to the regular font.

I digress. Sissy is in an unusually bad mood today. It's not PMS, she just got over PMS. I don't feel like cooking and hadn't planned on cooking since I didn't plan on having any children tonight. The kids want Wendy's I want Taco Hell. I mean Taco Bell.

We go to Wendy's first and then Taco Bell for me. The line is extremely long. I think they have about one person working.ON.FRIDAY.NIGHT. I told Sissy this was my punishment for picking up food at two separate places. Sissy picks on The DQ the ENTIRE TIME.

Now the very sensitive DQ is offended. Why? Because Sissy made the declaration that The DQ wouldn' t last two seconds in the wild.(Which is actually an accurate assessment. The DQ is very much a city girl) The DQ goes to her room and locks the door. So it has been another glorious evening in my house. Peace and harmony radiate from every corner......

I recently decided that using regular batteries in my digital camera is akin to throwing money away. I need rechargable batteries. I went into a local drugstore today for something else and they had rechargable batteries ON SALE!!!! I got two batteries and the charger for the low price of $7.99. The last set I bought (and lost) cost me $30. So if anyone needs rechargable batteries, check out Wal-Green's if you have one in your area.


HW said...

I'm sorry your night alone fell though. That really is a disappintment.
I'm sorry DQ was un-invited to her friend's house. That stinks in a couple different ways.

Her room sounds a lot like my daughter's. I really think they get so overwhelmed they don't know how to clean it. I have written it out a few times:
-put all dirty clothes in hamper.
-pick up all garbage off floor.

I have also gone in and said "clean that corner." And then I'll go back and say "now put that pile of clothes away."

Not that you asked, but there's some advice for you.

I do hope your weekend improves.

Susiewearsthepants said...

The DQ was disappointed. Apparently there was not enough room for her in the car???? What's up with that? I felt so bad for her. I had even written her a note saying that she could go home w/the girl. She had taken her overnight bag and everything.
I have resigned myself to the specific instruction method. I have to do exactly what you are talking about. Go in there and say "Pick this up, put those things away, etc. At this point it's the only thing that works. When I just tell her to clean her room, that's too broad for her.

John said...

I understand what it's like to be overwhelmed.Clean my house is much to broad for me. Maybe you should come over and tell me " pick up the cloths, take out that trash, are you ever going to put that computer back together?" Sorry about QD's little heart being broken, it must have been a big disappointment. Your cars have fancy engines in them don't forget to keep up with the oil changes, the Taurus too!

tAnYeTTa said...

This is a really funny story. I can imagine my day ending up the same way!

p.s. thanks for the tips on the rechargeable batteries.