Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday my sister and I took our kids and a couple of of extra ones to the local pumpkin patch. This is her with her son. The first order of business was to feed all the kids lunch. We all know what happens when you don't get lunch first. You get there and end up spending a bloody fortune on overpriced hot dogs for ornery children.

Even Sissy wanted to go......very shocking. For my new bloggers, these are my daughters.

The first order of business once we got there, was a hay ride!

This is my nephew "L" with his buddy "Z". L is the one with the curly hair, he gets that from his mother..

I think this is a donkey??? It's sure looks like an ass I have been out with!

mmmmm......this guy looks familiar too

My nephews are so cute!

Sissy was such a good sport.

The DQ even milked a cow (wink, wink). I really think she is too much of a city girl for that. I could post so many more cute pictures, but I won't torture you anymore. Everyone had a great time. The only downside of the day was me realizing that I don't anything about farm animals. The children actually had to correct me. I thought a goat was a donkey or vise versa.

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