Friday, October 19, 2007

In The Darkness

Have you ever been asleep and couldn't wake yourself up? I experienced this in the most terrifying way last night. I fell asleep, and started to have bad dreams about various events and people. I couldn't wake myself up. I could here my daughter and I could hear the high winds we experienced in my part of the world last night, but I COULD.NOT.WAKE.MYSELF.UP.

I was in the strangest state of semi-consicousness. I was aware, but I could not make my body respond. I knew it would be close to time for me to get up, but I couldn't even open my eyes. Then I started thinking that maybe something evil was keeping me from waking up. This terrified me even more. It seemed like I tried for HOURS to wake up but I couldn't, yet I was not completely asleep either.

Eventually I was able to make myself wake up. It was only 1:22am. I had only been asleep for a few hours. I have been wondering today, how much of what I experienced was real and how much was it just a bad dream. Was I just dreaming that I couldn't wake myself up? I don' t know. I don't think so because I remember hearing the wind and thinking how loud it was. Maybe I experienced some type of spiritual event. Maybe I have been spiritually attacked. More than likely this is due to my recent psychosis that has taken place since school started back. I keep trying to tell you people how nutty I am.

If anyone knows anything about this sort of thing, please contact me. My email is I need to figure out exactly how crazy I am.


Sissy said...

These types of things scare me. I mean I fear the supernatural. So I can understand the trauma. I've had a couple of experiences myself...

John said...

Did you ever dream that you got up
and went to like wash your hands and there was some body you didn't know standing right next to you then you really wake up? That's freaky.