Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Teenagers Rule

There is nothing in the world that makes me feel better than to be shown up by my fifteen year old daughter. As her mother, it is my job to be right.......in all things. Never should I be questioned on ANYTHING. Yet my daughter does not understand this rule.

I bought a new coffee pot over the weekend because mine didn't have the option to program. You know, where you can set the alarm and when you get up, your coffee is made. Oh joy and rapture. To no longer be forced to stumble into the kitchen with one eye open and attempt to make coffee, is almost more than my heart can bear.

She was gone over the weekend and missed out on the test run of the coffee pot. She drinks a cup of coffee in the morning also. She comes home on Sunday and I am showing her the new coffee pot. I am excited about it. (Obviously it does not take much to impress me).

Of course the coffee didn't make for her on Monday morning. She is trying to tell me that the coffee maker will not make coffee on it's own. Yes, it will I tell her. I have already tried out the coffee maker, so I KNOW it works.

Then we get into a discussion on the proper way to set the timer. I disagree with what she is saying because I have already tried out the coffee pot. This morning I get up and on the kitchen counter is the instruction booklet. Sissy has highlighted the section that tells how to set the timer. Which is of course exactly how she was saying to set it.

Not only did she highlight the pertinent information, she also included a sticky note that said the following:


Yep, I love being shown up by my daughter, and I especially love the very subtle way she had of showing me that I was wrong.


KC said...

Apple never falls far from the tree!! You had to smile when you read that.

MAT said...


HW said...

So let her have her little victory. You will get to say "I told you so" many, many, MANY more times to her in the next few years. Unless of course you're like me and just go off mumbling to yourself "I tried to tell her, but does anybody ever listen to me around here? NOOOOOO! Everybody just assumes I know nothing!!! Well, who knows nothing NOW...blah,blah,blah."

Susiewearsthepants said...

HW-I have done the mumbling thing. No ever listens to me unless I am wrong.

KC-Yes I was especially amused at the term "BOO-YAH". I thought it was funny