Friday, October 12, 2007

You're a Mean One, Mrs. Grinch

I recently made the comment that I sit around waiting for something to happen so I can blog about it. I also said that I don't usually have to wait long. I was right. I am back in school now. I have classes on Wednesday and Thursday night.

Let me describe to you what that is like. Get up, get ready, get kid ready, drop kid off at school, sit in rush hour traffic, get to work late, (EVERY.DAY.) work all day, spend lunch hour studying or running errands, drive to school, learn for about 4 hours, drive 45 minutes back to my house, stumble into the house all bleary eyed, and delirious then go to bed. Next day.....repeat procedure.

So by Thursday night, I am feeling pretty cranky. My tolerance level for BS is at an all time low. I have skipped dinner for two nights, not gotten enough sleep, and tried to cram all this information into my little brain. One false move and I could lose it.(Which I do)

One of my classmates had to bring her three year daughter to school on Thursday night. I don't know why. I didn't ask. One of my other classmates is ticked off about the kid being there. Why? I am not really sure. Probably because her real name is "Mrs. Grinch", and she has been living under an alias since the tell all documentary was released by one Dr. Suess about her husband, Mr. Grinch.Anyway, she carries on about how kids are not supposed to be in the classrooms, and how she doesn't understand why the rules are overlooked for SOME people. She pays for these classes and it is disruptive to have a kid in the classroom. Blah, Blah Blah.

The funny thing is, she directed all her comments to the professor and not to the woman who brought the child. I feel my blood starting to boil. Which is funny because she is not talking about me or one of my kids. She is just MEAN. (And rude, obnoxious, overbearing, and she constantly monopolizes class time with her constant complaining)

Like the deranged lunatic that I am, I start talking out loud. Not directly TO her mind you. Just sort of out loud. I know she heard me because the mother of the little girl heard me. I start saying things like, "People just need to mind their own business and not worry about what everybody else is doing". "That little girl is being quiet, she is not bothering anyone." "Why is she wasting class time talking about this anyway?"

I carry on like this for a few more minutes. Surprisingly, the complaining stops. I don't mean to get on my blog and go off on people, but sometimes I can't believe what I am seeing or hearing. Her whole point was that she didn't understand why the school and/or professor was allowing this child to be in our classroom.

#1. Haven't we all been in a situation where we needed a little extra consideration?
#2. This was the SWEETEST, most well behaved three year old I have ever seen, she wasn't disturbing anyone.
#3. Who died and made Mrs. Grinch the dog-gone school police?
#4. Mrs. Grinch was more disruptive than that little girl could have dreamt of being.

At any rate, Mrs. Grinch didn't complain again for the rest of the night, but I guarantee you her heart DID NOT grow three sizes that day. I don't have any nervous ticks or twitches, but if I did......something would be twitching right now.

Note: Because I am sooo freakin' tired, I overslept this morning and didn't get to take a shower. I look like crap, and I realized after I got to work that I have a stain on the shirt I threw on this morning. So now not only do I feel like a raving lunatic, I look like one too!

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