Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Bragging

Another victory.....The DQ made the A-B honor roll. Good job girls, I am very proud of both of you.


(Sorry peeps, I just can't help bragging)


lindy52 said...
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Anonymous said...

Please tell the girls that Nana is so proud of them. Guess they won't want to stay at Nana's anymore. They doubled my pain meds and now legaly I can not drive now. Once I get past the sleepy stage I hope I can drive a little. This is gonna drive me crazy....Love to all Nana

HW said...

Congrats to both girls.
I can relate to beating the odds.
My parents were divorced and my mom raised 4 of us alone. One time a teacher said to her "You're divorced? Why, your kids seem so normal!"

KC said...

Congrats to both of your munchkins!!

Susiewearsthepants said...

HW-Yep that was a back handed compliment

KC-Thanks, I'll tell the girls.

Nana-Sorry you are in so much pain. I'll pray for you.