Monday, August 27, 2007

I've Got Questions...Who Has Answers?

1. Why does The DQ think that we are a pack of wild pigs?

2. Why can't I ever make myself do my homework until the night before it's due?

3. Why does my sister think that you can tell the sex of a baby if you hold a ring tied to a piece of thread over a pregnant belly?

4. Is this belief known as ringtology?

5. Why can't I ever find the following items? Toenail clippers, fingernail clippers, or anything that even closely resembles a tool. (screwdrivers, etc.)

6. Why do I have to punish The DQ to get her to clean her room?

7. Why do I have nightmares about rats trying to get me after a visit from Mr. Jingles the mouse?( See previous blog titled A Visitor)

8. Has anyone seen my keys?

9. Why were my children given special powers that allow them to know anytime I have ANY extra money and this is the time to ask for something?

10. Why is it illegal in Alabama to drive blindfolded? ( I really don't see the problem)

If you have answers to any of the aforementioned questions, please feel to let me know.


nananana07 said...

Hey Sweetie, Mom
Just love all your questions. Guess I am gonna have to get you a manicure set along with a tool set. Both will have their own storage box to come with hopfully that will make it a little easier on you. Is DQ not getting any better about cleaning her room?
And now about the ringy thingy..
lol. She showed us how that worked one day when her and mat came by here. It seemed to work..but I have never heard of it before then. Well love to all... Mom

Anonymous said...

I have probably bought 26 pairs of nail clippers because I keep losing them.
I have finally quit fighting with my daughter about her room. It is a pigsty. I can't believe she's not embarrassed by it; but the tension in our house has decreased dramatically since I gave up the fight. I just shut the door.

Illegal to drive blindfolded? Um...why would we even need to TELL somebody that?!

Anonymous said...

Mom.....Marlette tried the ring thing on me and it said I am a man. She was disappointed.

HW-Thank God I am not the only one with nail clipper thing, it drives me absolutely nuts LOL

Susiewearsthepants said...

Mom-I almost forgot. I found pizza crust in the DQ's bedroom. I was mortified. She got grounded for three days!

MAT said...

Let me see if I could help you find some answers
1)to justify her dirty room
2)the fresher the homework the better
3)you sister must have studied quantum mechanics string theory
4)ask the Lord of the rings
5)Mr. Jingles got them
6)DQ likes drama
7)you hear Mr.Jingles eating DQ's
pizza crust while your sleeping.
8)The locksmith did.
9)all children have that power
10) are no Jedi knights living in Alabama.
I hope this clears things up.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Mat-you have a great sense of humor. That's really funny

Anonymous said...

1. A child wouldn't be a child if she wasn't embarrassed about her parents - thus you're a member of the wild pigs pack.

2. Because that's just you. If you won the lottery before that paper was due - do you think you'd finish it?

3. I've heard of this and tried it myself with each of them. It was accurate for me. I was told they did it to chicken eggs way back when - cook the hens, leave the roosters alone. You should ask the chicken who's butt you've been up - she might have some suggestins. Who has a pregnant belly? Congrats to them!

4. Did you come up with that one?

5. Because you have too many females in your house :)

6. You haven't figured out the right leverage yet.

7. Too many rats in your life?

8. Check the chickens butt. Is Mr. Jingles the chicken? If you left your keys in there, it would jingle.

9. If you have money to buy a new set of nail clippers, you must have money in their eyes for that new CD.

10. Doesn't that take the fun out of it? Who doesn't want to see the animal before they hit it?

I miss you lady.

Your Yankee Friend.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Yankee Friend-Mr. Jingles is a mouse, read the blog titled "A Visitor" that explains Mr. Jingles. I actually have two pregnant sisters......miss you too!